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AOL News/Huffington Post/Patch
Residents Cope Without Power After Hurricane Irene

After three days without power, Huntington residents find ways to make due as workers scramble to get electricity, phones and cable back to normal after Hurricane Irene wreaked havoc on Long Island.

AOL News/Huffington Post/Patch
Locals React to News of New LI 'Princess' Reality Show

Reaction on the street was sharp and swift on the news of a new TV reality show featuring six "boomerang generation" rich and pampered females from Great Neck who live in the comfort at the expense of their fathers' bank accounts.

AOL/Huffington Post/Patch
One Word to Describe Your Mom?

Can you choose just one word to describe your mom? Apparently, finding an answer is not as easy as it sounds.

AOL News/Huffington Post/Patch
Geller Speaks to Capacity Crowd in Great Neck

Hundreds turned out at Chabad of Great Neck to hear activist Pamela Geller voice her opinion against Islamic jihad after a planned talk at Great Neck Synagogue was cancelled a week earlier. It was Geller who helped organize the rally against a prosed "Ground Zero" mosque in 2011.

Print News - Entertainment Features

AOL News/Huffington Post/Patch
Catching Up With Debbie Gibson

In an age when gay couples struggle for their legal chance at the altar as others clamor to keep them away, it's hard to imagine that somewhere in the mix lies a third dimension. That's where you'll find Debbie Gibson.

AOL/Huffington Post
Ice Obstacles Nothing New For Gold Medalist Sarah Hughes

When it comes to overcoming seemingly insurmountable challenges - especially involving ice - Sarah Hughes has a way of seeing them through. On the heels of recently announced plans to transform the empty Kingsbridge Armory in the Bronx into the world's largest indoor skating center, it seems the 2002 Olympic champion is again on the winning side of a hard fought victory involving some slippery twists and turns.

Vision Magazine
Back to Appalachia

Rich Jacques interviews country superstar Kathy Mattea.

AOL News/Huffington Post/Patch
Goo Goo Dolls To Get Intimate in Huntington

With a touch of New York punk still in them, the boys from Buffalo have grown in more ways than one. Evolving from the punk scene and small clubs like CBGB's and Maxwell's nearly 25 years ago, to larger venues and worldwide fame, the Goo Goo Dolls plan to get intimate with the audience for two shows in Huntington in the coming days.