Jacquelyn A. Jeanty

Experienced Freelance Writer

Location icon United States of America

I've been in the workforce for a while now, working within a range of industries before becoming a freelance writer. One thing I've learned along the way is the value of passion in terms of actually believing in what one does for a living. This quality is what I bring to each and every writing project. My specialty topic areas include health/medical, addiction recovery and self-help/personal improvement. Based on my background and work experience, I can bring a unique and cogent perspective to each of my specialty areas.

How To Unlock Your Innate Potential

For those fortunate enough to have tapped the reservoir of innate potential, life is a rich and full experience. They've established the most natural of connections with self and with life. Innate potential exists inside each of us, whether utilized, or not.

The Poetry of Courage
"No Need To Run"

It's in the quiet moments when we find out how happy and content we really are. We find out things like - Can we see the beauty in our surroundings? Does the air feel good and full as we breathe it into our lungs? Does our essence -our life force- feel comfy and cozy where...

What to Look for in a Relationship Partner

There's a fine line between the affairs of the heart and the expressions of love and commitment. Knowing what you want and need in a relationship partner provides a clear picture of how you express love, and how you need love to be expressed to you.

Sales Exercises for Uncovering Needs

Sales professionals have the challenging task of communicating the benefits of a product to customers who each have their own viewpoints and expectations. Understanding what customers look for in a ...

What Do D&B Credit Ratings Mean?

When considering the strengths and weaknesses of a potential business client, D & B credit ratings can provide a wealth of information on the creditworthiness and strength of the company under ...