Jacqueline Covey

reporter/copy editor

Location icon United States of America

First and foremost, I am a senior at Western Illinois University. I recently left the McDonough County Voice as a staff reporter, and begun a position as copy editor at WIU's Western Courier.
Writing is something I've done as long as I could remember, when I was 9 I made my own newspaper (just a fun anecdote). I'm still shaping my writing and discovering my path down the English and journalism route, but that's part of the fun of discovering your style.
Political and agriculture feature stories are currently two genres I'm passionate about writing. I live by the motto Richard Moreno once said to me: "It is better to look stupid to your sources than to your readers."

The McDonough County Voice
State data for Macomb shows divide between group test scores

MACOMB - Substantial gaps between standardized test scores of black and white students are cause for concern among some in the community.There are those who suggest there may be racism inherant in the system.Despite the Illinois State Board of Education's 2014 Macomb CUSD 185 report card, which graphs black elementary students 36 percent below white students on standardized reading scores and 39 percent lower in math and at the high-school level white kids led reading scores

The McDonough County Voice
Superintendents advocate for change via Vision 20/20

McDonough County, seemingly, is unanimously staking ground for statewide public education reform. Illinois Vision 20/20, a blueprint developed by organizations related to the Illinois Association of School Administrators and recent local topic of discussion, puts eight future-depending bills in front of state legislators.

The McDonough County Voice
Counting on cattle

Area woman finds refuge flying solo on the farm

The McDonough County Voice
Seeing fields from above

Breaking traditions and starting anew, UAVs make their way to local farms