Jacob Skidmore

Freelance Content Writer

Location icon United States of America

I am currently an Austinite writing and promoting the things I have found to be enjoyable in this great city and its surrounding areas. I would eventually like to explore outside of the city and continue sharing insight on my experiences. Aside from writing, I enjoy playing music, exploring the outdoors, sculpting, socializing and experiencing new things. I also create artwork and advertisements which can be seen here: https://jacobskidmore.crevado.com/

Thanksgiving Events in Austin

For most people, Thanksgiving usually consists of sitting around a dinner table while everyone basks at the stuffed bird that's about to be carved. In

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Sure, you've heard of the great Lake Travis deep in the heart of Austin, but what exactly is there to do on it? We've compiled a list of the best th

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Volunteering During the Holidays in Austin

The holidays are a time of sharing and goodwill for all people; there's just something about the cold weather that brings out the warmth in everyone's heart during the holiday season. Austin is a city that is full of organizations that give back and contribute to its community via charities and fundraising events.

Get Your Thanksgiving Desserts at These Bakeries in Austin

What's the best part about Thanksgiving? Is it the time you spend with your family? The football games and countless holiday specials? Or is it the turkey and stuffing that you've been thinking about all year? If you're like many people, the best part of Thanksgiving is not the hearty plate full of food but the sweet treats that come after.

New Year's Eve Parties on 6th Street in Austin

When it comes to wild places in Austin nothing really comes close to topping 6th Street. It's a place that's loved by many because anything can happen there and it often does every night. If you talk to any Austinite they are almost guaranteed to have a wild story about a night on 6th Street.

Things to Do During Christmas Break in Austin

For most people, Christmas time is a time of joy and giving and above all a break from work. Once you knock out all of your holiday shopping and all of the holiday feasts have been eaten you might be asking yourself, what now?

Holiday Charity Events in Austin

The holidays are a time of giving and sharing. Whether its giving gifts to a loved one or sharing your dinner table with friends, the fulfillment we receive from comforting others is better than anything that could be bought in a store.