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Jacob Bembry is a Christian author and freelance writer. He was formerly an editor and reporter for the Greene Publishing, Inc., newspapers and occasionally wrote for their sister newspapers at ECB Publishing, Inc. He distinguished himself by winning four first place Florida Press Association Awards, including the prestigious Shining Star Award, given to the top newspaper employee in Florida.

Jacob's Ladder
My Special Needs Sister, A Typical Female

Just because my sister, Abbie, has special needs does not mean that she is not all female. This became clear to me when she was a little girl and she cornered a little boy she thought was cute as h...

Jacob's Ladder
The Beautiful Princess

Once upon a time, in a fairytale land and in a fairytale castle lived the most beautiful princess ever written about. Like Helen of Troy in mythology, her face launched a thousand ships. Poets wrote poems about her but they could not capture her essence. The world's master artists attempted to paint her but they...

Jacob's Ladder
Portrait of a Pastor

People speak well of my pastor. The people who speak well of him are not only the ones in his own congregation, but people in the Madison County, Florida, community, and I daresay an even greater area. Wherever he travels, Retis Flowers leaves an impression on people he meets.

Growing Produce
Bridging The Gap

When Betty O-Toole's family began farming in Florida, James K. Polk was president, the U.S. Naval Academy had just opened its doors, and the country was still marveling over Samuel Morse's brand new telegraph machine. Cotton was king in North Florida back then, with farmers mixing in tobacco and the occasional vegetable crop to keep revenue flowing.

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