Jaclyn Downs

Holistic Health Consultant and Writer

Anywhere You Want Me To Be

More than just an "eat more kale" nutritionist, both in my consulting and writing.
I didn't set out to be a writer. I only wanted to share what I've learned about nutrition since we've gotten it all bass-ackwards in the past few decades. Apparently the writing was

entertaining and easy to read

and I was given my own wellness column in a local magazine. And then some feature articles.
In addition to writing about health, I've covered interviews of all sorts, from artists to athletes, reviewed books and spotlighted various types of businesses, from Aveda salons to funeral homes. I can even get nerdy with it and explain the methylation pathway so simply that middle schoolers can understand it.

Even though I love all things sub-cultural and, as it usually happens to be, pre-mainstream, most of the writing done to pay the bills has been for the completely mainstream culture.
I'm willing to deliver it any way you want it.
Ghostwriting included! Contact me for my ghostwriting samples.

Rebel Health Tribe
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We Think About Toxins in Our Food, But Not Our Feminine Products Most of us are aware that processed foods laden with chemicals, preservatives, dyes, texturizers and flavor enhancers are harmful to us. Many of us have even made the switch to more natural grocery items and cleaning products to the best extent we can, ...

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