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Jack Toomb

Sales, Media Relations, Organizational Leadership

Location icon United States

I am a Corporate Communication major at Robert Morris University, where I am also a member of the men's lacrosse team. I describe myself as someone with a passion for communication and learning how other people think. Through my education and experiences in the job field, I feel as though I have developed many skills that will propel me to be successful in any position I am placed in. If you are looking for someone who's passionate and goal-oriented in everything they do, I am your person.



Robert Morris University
Manager vs Leader. What's the Difference?

This article gives an in depth analysis as to what the key differences are between management and leadership, and which one is more valuable for an organization

Media Relations

Robert Morris University
Interviewing in the Workplace

This article provides different tactics that would be beneficial in helping you stand out as a candidate in an interview

Robert Morris University
Breaking News Release

This is one example of many news releases that I had the privilege of writing over the course of the semester. With breaking news, we had a short amount of time to release the professional articles.

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