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Post-Truth Politics And You

You might have heard the term post-truthism recently. From Adam Curtis' latest documentary, to Vice, to the Guardian, it's appearing everywhere. So the theory goes, that with the rise of Trump and in the age of Brexit, facts as political currency have become devalued and ultimately, no longer a prerequisite of political success.

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We Need to Talk About Proportional Representation (Again)

What with constitutional matters the real political hot topic of the moment, with calls for a revision of where power is concentrated and how it can be used very much the immediate legacy of the independence referendum, as well as Cameron's boisterous conference rhetoric on a Bill of Rights giving sympathetic media the opportunity to trot out their best 'finally/told you so' front pages, is it not also the perfect time to revisit our electoral system?

HuffPost UK
Will Google Still Be the King of Search By 2020?

Google's offering is so much more than simply search now that the prospect of them suddenly losing everything is minimal, if not nearly impossible. It is however not inconceivable that they could begin to lose their market share in search over the next five years due to a variety of factors.


PoliticsMeansPolitics.com Magazine
How could the UK rejoin the EU?

With latest rumours suggesting Theresa May is angling for an extension to the Brexit transition process, the prospect of Brexit happening before public opinion turns against it is becoming less and less likely. There is the very real chance that by the end of another protracted transition period, much more than 50% of the country will support remaining in the EU.

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Where now, Dear Watson? - PoliticsMeansPolitics.com - PMP Blog!

Tom Watson is in a strange position, politically. In the build up to the Snap General Election in June, the Deputy Leader of the Labour Party was laying the groundwork for the post-election response, to what was predicted to be an electoral annihilation for Labour.


90 Minutes At A Time |
An Ode to the Community Shield | 90 Minutes At A Time |

This is the first part of a new series that looks at some of the unsung aspects of football that don't necessarily get the shout outs and the column inches among the glitz and glamour of the modern game. Whether it's lesser-valued trophies, unheralded officials and rules, unfancied formations and tactics, or simply half-time pies, ...

90 Minutes At A Time |
Liverpool 1994-1998: Underrated Teams from Premier League History | 90 Minutes At A Time |

Liverpool have had some great sides. That is an obvious statement. What isn't such an obvious statement, is that one of those great sides was the team from the mid-nineties. No seriously, bear with me here. I'm not comparing them to the perennial trophy haulers of the Shankly, Paisley and Fagan eras, nor the obliterative ...

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