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Multimedia Science and Tech Journalist

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Multimedia science and technology journalist published in New Scientist, The Guardian, CNN, The Huffington Post, Tech City News and Humans Invent. Studied Journalism MA at City University, London. Recipient of The Wellcome Trust studentship for science journalism.


Go to " Virtual assistant / Machine learning / Low light challenge Liat Negrin has coloboma, a condition that affects her sight. She is one of the 280 million people worldwide with a visual impairment, meaning that everyday tasks that many of us take for granted like reading the paper or crossing the road can often be a challenge.

Your Guide to East London's 5 Best Independent Coffee Houses

Tech City News brings you East London's Finest Coffee The importance of coffee shops and the serendipitous meetings that they engender in tech hubs is fully understood by East London's growing community of start-ups, and goes some way to explaining the way the community came together to oppose government plans to make it easier to convert buildings into residential apartments that some said could have threatened tech city in February.

London's top 5 Microbreweries

The Rising stars of London's burgeoning craft beer scene From Silicon Drinkabout to the Tech City Beer Fest, events based around beer drinking have been important in bringing start-ups closer together in East London for years.

Obesity epidemic becomes worldwide phenomenon

Much of the world should go on a diet in 2014. More than a third of adults globally were estimated to be overweight or obese in 2008, according to a report by the Overseas Development Institute (ODI), a think tank in London. That's a 23 per cent increase on 1980.

The architecture of density: Life in a megacity

YOU could be fooled into thinking this image had been digitally altered, as row upon row of apartments seem to stretch to infinity. But these are real tower blocks in Hong Kong, documented by photographer Michael Wolf in his series Architecture of Density.

Makeblock: open source 'Lego for adults'

New robotics kit billed as "Lego for adults" gives grown-ups the chance to relive youth using 21st century technology Creator of Makeblock Jasen Wang says open source hardware is the future of the 'Maker' revolution Construction toys appeal to adults as well as children, and play is fundamental to learning, say experts (CNN) -- It's being billed as "Lego for adults" and could mean your fondness for construction toys may no longer be just a guilty pleasure.

The flashing fashion aid that will transform you into a tech whizz

The Bright Eyes Kit DIY LED glasses teaches you basic programming, and makes you look cool too. Daniel Hirschmann, founder of Technology Will Save Us talks with CNN about his educational kits and his philosophy. Programming is as important today as literacy; the maker movement is a "paradigm shift" in thinking.

How crowdfunding drives development

In August, two Norwegian students raised $32,000 (£20,000) on the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo to fund life-saving surgery for Roona, an 18-month-old girl from Tripura, India. She had been diagnosed with hydrocephalus, a condition which causes swelling of the brain.

How open data is being used to hack climate change

In February the UK was hit by some of the worst storms in recent memory. Flood maps showed that huge areas of the Somerset Levels and the Thames valley were underwater, and whole communities were cut off for days at a time.

How to convince the world to get over the 'yuck factor' and eat insects

Students are known for their terrible eating habits, but few have diets as strange as Peter Bickerton, whose recipes for homemade locust burgers and waxworm tacos have been translated into Italian, Indonesian and Arabic as they do the rounds on the internet.

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