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Jeannine Abusharkh is currently an honor undergraduate student at the University of San Francisco. She is expected to graduate in the Fall of 2014 with a major in Communications. Jeannine is experienced in editing as the former News Editor at Saint Mary's College and received hands on training as an Editorial Intern for San Francisco's 7x7 Magazine. Her Spring 2014 internship experience consisted of fact-checking, uploading media to their online portion, and assisting at Marketing Events. For her final semester Jeannine hopes to have more hands on training as an intern for other Bay Area media outlets.

USF Earth Day Directs Students' Attention Towards A Sustainable Lifestyle

At USF, the earth means the world to us, and last Tuesday Apr. 22, students, faculty, and community members had the chance to prove that sentiment by celebrating Earth Day on Gleeson Plaza. Nearly thirty tables from clubs and outside organizations promoting a sustainable world attended the event.

USF PR Class Works with Local Jewelry Designer

Students in the public relations campaigns class are getting hands-on experience in the PR industry by creating their own firms and working with clients this semester. Senior Lani Vaill said that this is an experience "we would never be able to learn from a book."

Far Out, Dude: Professor Takes Mushrooms to New Level

The idea of using mushrooms to make an easy-back chair might seem a bit 'far out,' but fungus furniture is precisely what USF professor Phillip Ross is trying to bring to mainstream industry. Ross, who has been teaching sculpture and studio art at USF since 2008, has been crafting sculptures, furniture, and building material out of mushrooms for 20 years.

USF Students Teach Kids to Sprout Up!

A Spotlight on Environmental Education for the Next Generation Climate change and the reduction of the Earth's fossil fuels are growing problems that future generations will undoubtedly face. Sprout Up, a nonprofit organization, seeks to provide "environmental education for the next generation" by teaching first and second graders about sustainability, nature, and environmental science.

The USF Community Garden: Cultivating More Than Just Produce

One of the best-kept secrets at the University of San Francisco is that there is an urban community garden behind the Education Building on Turk Street. The garden sits on 1/8 of an acre, and grows a number of fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Students, faculty, and community members passionate about nature visit the garden weekly...

January Term 2013 seeks to expand horizons and minds

Saint Mary's College January Term classes allow students the opportunity to explore a subject in one intense month of learning. Jan Term allows students to focus on a particular theme, field, or culture with enough freedom and time to gain an appreciation for it.

Saint Mary's commemorates sesquicentennial with Year of the Gael

There is history throughout the Saint Mary's campus, from the chapel that stands tall in the front of campus to the legacy of the Christian Brothers. School archives report that it was founded in 1863 by the Roman Catholic Archdiocese as a school for boys.

Oasis offers students chance to break free from mundane weekend nights

Last Friday night, Saint Mary's College held the annual Oasis dance in Ferrogiaro Quad. Students were able to buy the tickets in the Student Involvement and Leadership Office before the dance for just seven dollars. Students without presale tickets stood in long lines outside De La Salle to buy tickets for ten dollars.

World Tour auto driver gives rides around campus

Last Wednesday Saint Mary's College welcomed Luke Rizzuto and his 1918 Chevrolet V8. Rizzuto gave rides to students and faculty members around campus in his original, unaltered automobile. The historical vehicle cruised around with its top down and caught the gaze of many curious students and faculty.

The Freshmen Fifteen

November 2009 By: Jeannine Abusharkh '10Staff Writer Be prepared, seniors, because next year your skinny jeans may not fit. With college just around the corner, independence comes with consequences. As a college student you are on your own. That means no one to tell you what to eat or when.