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Janeth Benjamin


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Writer, Content Creator, Poet, Blogger.
Social Security Disability Brief Writer.
Self-Published Author
Essay Editor (APA style)
Resume Writer/Editor

10+ Years of Brief Writing
8+ Years of Blogging and Content Creating

How to Survive Keto

If you haven't heard of the Keto diet, then that rock you're living under needs some renovations. Maybe think about adding WIFI, the internet is brutal but you'll live. Well, this isn't an introduction to keto. It's more like an "I've been kinda starving to fit in this dress and I love it" story.

Surviving anxiety through Faith and Affirmations

There is an old Jamaican saying, "everyday bucket a go a well, one day di battam mus' drop out." -For everything, there is a breaking point. I have been seeing articles about people silently suffering from depression and anxiety. The world lost renowned chef Anthony Bourdain, fashion design mogul Kate Spade, and Chester Bennington of...

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