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What Pasalubong To Bring From Laguna

Geographically located southeast of Manila and an hour and a half drive away from the city, Laguna boasts of countryside beauty and the perks of modern life. Laguna has a land area of 1,917.85 square kilometers and is home to 24 mountains including the mysterious Mount Mariang Makiling.

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Top Destinations In Leyte

A man once said 'I shall return!' to this island and made it to history books. Yes folks, Leyte Island might be the least in your bucket list of must-visits places in the country but tourists and adventurers pledge to the Gods of the Seven Kingdoms that this place is worthy of your hard earned...

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Rick and Morty Season 3: Leaked Photo Hints Christmas Premiere Date

Is Rick and Morty premiering Season 3 this Christmas? An alleged photo of the upcoming season, reportedly leaked online, has set off a fresh round of speculations. Meanwhile, co-creator Justin Roiland has responded to Rick and Morty's speculations and cancellation rumors, saying that no has ever asked him when Season 3 is premiering.

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Dance Moms Season 7 Episode 6: Nia Vs Camryn; Kendall's New Focus

Dance Moms Season 7 Episode 6 called No Clowning around to feature killer clowns dance routine under Brynn Rumfallo's leadership. Is Kendall Vertes ditching the reality show after revealing her real thoughts in an interview? Find out here.

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Poldark Season 3 Teaser: New Threats Are Coming

Poldark Season 3 launched teaser welcomes new characters, drama, romance, and threats. Are Ross and Demelza ready to survive the new threats are coming their way or one of them will give in? BBC's periodical drama series Poldark finally released a teaser for the most awaited third season of the series.

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Dance Moms Season 7 Cancellation; Abby Lee Miller Bids Farewell

Dance Moms Season 7 reported for potential cancellation as coach Abby Lee Miller faces up to 30 months jail time. Is the fierce dance coach already saying her farewell via social media sites? Lifetime's reality show Dance Moms developed young talents in the likes of Maddie and Mackenzie Ziegler, Chloe Lukasiak, Nia Sioux to name a few whom are currently growing their careers outside the show.

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Looking Back At 2016: Celebrity Deaths That Shook Down Hollywood

The year 2016 has been a year of many things for the different parts of the world. It has been a fruitful year for technology, new records has been set in Olympics and updated history with newly elect president. It also a big loss in the world of entertainment as 2016 mourned for deaths of big celebrity names.