Ivan Blanco

Senior Editor & Content Creator; Freelance Writer

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I'm Ivan. I sell houses; I mentor at-risk youth; I write stuff; sometime, if you're lucky, I'll fry you a chicken. I've been in love with the spoken word for the better part of the last 20 years, and have made it my mission to excel whenever given the opportunity. I am a believer that someone's faith in you is priceless, and it's up to you to prove to that person that they made the right choice.

Over the years, I've had my work published on a number of sites, from AOL.com, to the Miami Herald, to the front pages of FanNation.com, Bleacher Report, and FanIQ. I have also spent the last six years working for DoYouRemember.com, and as a senior editor and content creator, have helped the company grow from 33,000 likes on Facebook in 2013 to over 6 million today.

Writing is my life; what I choose to write about it secondary, so long as the pen is in my hand. :)

College Essay Writing Packet

I was asked to create a writing packet for my friends to use in their English IV classrooms as a sort of College Essay Bootcamp.

Bleacher Report
ESPN's "The U": A Reflection

All this happened, more or less. - Kurt Vonnegut It wasn't supposed to go down this way. After watching ESPN's latest documentary, The U, I was anxious and inspired to talk about my own memories of the Hurricanes. I may have dug too deep.

Bleacher Report
Pride and Poison: Al Davis' Inability To "Get It"

EDIT: This was a piece I wrote back in November for another site I blog on. It was meant to address the state of the Raiders at the time, but given the current mess with Rich Gannon, I think it's now just as fitting...

Guinness World Records That Have Never Been Broken

"Records are made to be broken." We've all probably heard that little nugget more than once, and for the most part, it's true: Every time something becomes a "New World Record," it's usually followed up with, "For Now." Still, there are a select few records that, for whatever reason, withstand the test of time despite all things being equal.