Iva Marie Couchman (Cox)

Writer & Photographer

United States

Iva Marie Couchman holds an Associates's Degree in General Education from Portland Community College in Oregon.

Iva is published in several Oregon Newspapers and Nationally in Mopar Magazine. She has written several travel and location articles for Expatsphere and Four Flags Journal. Iva has also edited travel books where English was a second language. Iva loves all aspects of the written language and often expresses herself in poetry and photography.

A grandmother of five, Iva currently lives in Oregon, exploring the world through education, art, and travel.

Theft Crimes in Uruguay

by Iva Couchman With a changing economy and current political agendas that affect everyone that lives in UY, being aware and staying involved will play a vital role in your safety. A country of 3.3 million people, with an expat community of approximately 77,000, according to the OSAC, has had a 4% increase in General Theft Crimes since 2015, leaving 3,709-100,000 inhabitants of UY experiencing some form of theft.

At Home With the People of Uruguay

By Iva Marie Couchman Since my husband and I arrived in Uruguay in July of 2014, it has been the people of Uruguay who have made our lives here so fulfilling. Their willingness to welcome us, educate us, and understand us, opened my eyes to the heart of Uruguay-its people.

They Say She's Mouthy
They Say She's Mouthy

I spend an enormous amount of time sifting through mountains of information to uncover truths. I would like to boast I have the answers, even a few, but I end up with only more questions. I welcome you all to join me on the ride of my life. Past. Present

Be A Smiley

BeASmiley is ” ALL ABOUT YOU” and the things that make you FEEL GOOD and LIVE WELL. It is important to explore diversities, share in happiness, and promote a VIEW on living that – “looks for the best in everything and everyone!” BeASmiley understands that feeling GOOD means something different to everyone. and defines itself as indefinable and indescribable, because Smiley’s are everyone, everywhere, and everything!"

Iva Marie

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