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Angel Marie

Freelance Content Writer and Creator

Location icon United States

Hey there!
I'm pleased to see that you navigated to my portfolio. My name is Angel Martin-Johnson, my journalistic name is Angel Marie, and I'm a freelance content writer and creator. I've worked directly with radio stations, record labels and start up businesses. My responsibilities were tracking and discovering the most recent news in the media, writing about them on their sites, blogging, managing social media content, and creating and editing visuals. I graduated with a Bachelors degree in Media Entrepreneurship at Georgia State University where I studied journalism, digital marketing, music and content creation. I'm open to writing about anything such as music, culture, foods, health, personal biographies, and technology. A well thought out written story is what drives me, hence why writing is a passion of mine. It would be a pleasure to work alongside you and your business!

Beauty In The Making
About Me - Beauty In The Making

There's a future you coming into existence. This person is confident, positive, happy, has control over all aspirations and therefore achieving them. In order to bring that future you to life, let's focus on the you NOW. I want you to understand internal balance, external peace, and all that life has to offer.

Hasan Music
Home - Hasan Music

From singing to mastering instruments, engineering to production, and writing to acting, Hasan has become one of the most versatile artists of his time. The 26-year old Charlotte native relocated to the fast growing entertainment city of Atlanta, GA to pursue what is not only a dream, but a calling.

Technological Strategies, GSU
Facebook: The Good and the Bad

An essay on showcasing all beneficial aspects that Facebook has to offer and the contradictions aligned with their Terms of Service.

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