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I am an experienced multimedia journalist skilled in storytelling, news writing, radio broadcasting, and post production editing, with a deep passion for social justice issues and grassroots organizing.

FNX News: Mauna Kea Updates

On July 10th, Governor David Ige's office announced that construction of the Thirty Meter Telescope on Mauna Kea was set to begin the week of July 15th. The announcement has generated a response of Kiai (protectors) gathering at the sacred site to peacefully protest the construction plans.

Dior Criticized for Appropriating Native American Culture With Fragrance Ad

A new teaser ad for an upcoming perfume fragrance called "Sauvage" which means wild or fierce in French, has sparked wide criticism online. The ad shows Native American dancer Canku one star, performing to a drumbeat and the narration, "We are the land. Dior." The House of Dior, filmmaker Jean-Baptiste Mondino, and Johnny Depp consulted [...]

FNX NOW - Mauna Kea Protectors

Native Hawaiians gather to protest the construction of a giant telescope on the sacred site of Mauna Kea. Comments from Harry Kim, Mayor of Hawaii. As of July 15th 2019, some protectors of Maunakea have chained themselves to cattle grates. Police and sheriff are on the scene. Thank you Mana I Ka Leo Power of the Voice for the updates and thank you Dawn Kaniaupio for footage and interview.

Reversing Census Undercount in Indian Country

Sacramento, CA. - FNX Television, News From Native California, Pala Radio, Native Voices, Indian Country Today, Quechan Radio, Hoopa Tribal Radio and Two Rivers Tribune were among the Native Media representatives present at the California State Capital for a meeting between Ethnic Media, California Complete Count (CCC) and representatives from the Governor Gavin Newsom's office. Segment Producer/Editor: Isel Cuapio Series Producer/Camera: Frank Blanquet

UCR Prof Delves Into Exit Polling Of Latino Voters In 2016 Election

According to national exit polls, roughly 29 percent of Latinos voted in support of President-elect Donald Trump. However, alternative exit poll surveys suggest a lower percentage of 18 percent. KVCR's Isel Cuapio spoke with UC Riverside Political Science Professor Francisco Pedraza on how we should understand these figures.

'Killer Queen' Photography Exhibit Showcases Neal Preston's Photos Of Queen

At the Morrison Hotel Gallery in West Hollywood, photos are displayed of one of the greatest music icons: Freddie Mercury from Queen. This is just in time for the release of the highly anticipated Bohemian Rhapsody biopic that documents how Queen rose to stardom. The exhibit features images captured by legendary rock photograoher Neal Preston.

Moreno Valley Schools' "Project Moving Forward" Helps Young Students Succeed

Project Moving Forward is a language program designed to help English second language learners and students from lower socioeconomic backgrounds to succeed in the core curriculum. Project founder Dr. Linda Navarrette launched the program in 2012 in Sacramento schools, and now in Moreno Valley schools. KVCR's Isel Cuapio reports.

UCR Prof On Creating Social Change Through Comics And Graphic Novels

Black Panther and Into The Spider-verse brought comics about people of color to the big screen this year. But a UCR professor says this kind of attention is exciting, but overdue. KVCR's Isel Cuapio has more. Black Panther and Into the Spiderverse brought comics about people of color to the big screen this year.

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