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7 Tips for Green Travel in 2019

The travel industry has a huge environmental footprint. Between throwaway toiletries, daily-washed hotel linens and the ginormous jets of a 747, the travel industry is spouting carbon emissions left, right and centre. These days, we're opting for green solutions in more and more areas of our lives.

Sustainable Swimwear Picks for Summer!

Summer's on the way and we can't think of a better way to spend our days than lounging around in our favourite sustainable swimwear. For some of us that means playing hooky and hitting the beach. For others, it means suntanning on our lunch breaks in the small green patches of cityscape.

7 Eco-Friendly Clothing Essentials Every Woman Should Own

In the past, fashion hasn't exactly been an eco-friendly industry. In fact, the unsustainable nature of the fashion industry has inspired protests, media storms and international summits. The bad news is that the state of the environment is becoming more dire. The good news is that, in response, consumers are becoming more conscious of how we shop.

Meghan Markle: The Perfect Advocate for Sustainable Fashion

Meghan Markle dropped by our office last week for a quick chat about sustainable fashion and a cup of tea. Just kidding. She did stop by the building though. She was actually visiting King's College London to speak on a panel about International Women's Day and the future of feminism.

5 Must-Have Sustainable Festival Outfits

Choosing sustainable festival outfits may be the most important festival-related decision you make (aside from whether or not to use the questionable porto-loo). We love festival fashion. Hello, any excuse to go full-on boho is a yes from us. But the problem is that a lot of consumers buy their festival 'fits and then wear them one time.

Layer of Popcorn, Layer of Butter
The Princess Switch: Another Terrible Netflix Movie You Will End Up Watching

Travel to Belgravia, a vaguely European country where they all speak in British accents and have no defining national features. Think of it as a poor man's Genovia, but without the pears. When you thought Christmas-themed made-for-TV romantic comedies could not get any worse, here comes Vanessa Hudgens with a terrible British accent.

Layer of Popcorn, Layer of Butter
Netflix's Fyre Festival Documentary: Answers to all your "burning" questions

Would you sacrifice your life savings to pour tequila down the throats of drunk strangers? Would you remember to bring your own toilet paper to a "luxury" music festival? And most importantly, what would it take for you to suck the dick of a government official?

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