Iryn Tushabe

Fiction, narrative nonfiction, literary journalism.


My debut novel,Everything is Fine Here, is forthcoming with House of Anansi press in Winter 2025.

Transatlantic Agency
Deal News

We are so pleased to announce that House of Anansi's Shirarose Wilensky has acquired World rights to Ugandan-Canadian writer and journalist Iryn Tushabe's EVERYTHING IS FINE HERE...
NCC Magazine Winter 2024

Room to thrive: Protecting appropriate habitat in adequate amounts is essential in providing connected landscapes that support biodiversity...

The Walrus
Losing My Faith and Finding Other Ways to Pray | The Walrus

My last name, in English, means "let us pray." In Uganda, unlike in Canada, last names aren't family names. They are not passed down from father to child, from generation to generation. Every child gets their own, one that reflects the circumstances surrounding their birth.

trace press
river in an ocean: essays on translation

river in an ocean: essays on translation: A powerful exploration of the complex and pressing issues facing translation now. With a deep commitment to interrogating the act of translation from the ground up, this volume tackles questions of translatability and resists regimes of monolingualism and borders. These politically charged essays offer a much-needed nourishing approach to translation, bringing acute attention to the processual in translation.

In the Forest of our Childhood - adda

Until she called me omufuruki – a migrant – I hadn’t thought of myself as one. I was only an international student who was having a hard time liking it here. The food tasted bland, the weather was punishing, my professors spoke rapid English; I could barely take intelligible notes.

Point of view | 'Those who journey see': On Becoming a Canadian citizen.

In December 2007, I walked out of the Regina airport for the first time. I took a deep breath — the coldest I'd ever taken — and the air I exhaled formed a patch of white against my black scarf. Magic! My own breath made visible, given weight. I said to myself, "Always remember this moment."

Degrees Magazine
The fight against terrorism | Degrees Magazine

In a world fraught with terrorism, a University of Regina graduate is adding to the body of knowledge about the way people, particularly women, are drawn into terrorism. In the process, she is helping governments, military, law enforcement, businesses and intelligence agencies around the world combat and prevent terrorism.