Irene Broer

Freelance journalist & Journalism researcher

Germany / The Netherlands

I'm a Dutch freelance journalist living in Hamburg, Germany. I do online, print, radio and video in Dutch, English and German. My areas of interest are travel, political activism, sustainable energy and social entrepreneurship. Currently I'm helping to set up "Gute Leute" - Hamburg's first English language magazine - and doing research into journalism and sustainable memory for Hamburg University.


I'm the lead editor for Gute Leute Magazine, the first English language print magazine in Hamburg, that portrays the citizens of Hamburg through visual stories -all with an international twist! We're working hard on getting the first edition to print.



Sustain Your Future
Jozi's Nut Butter - a spoonful of sustainable

By Irene Broer - A few weeks ago, I received a jar of Jozi's Nut Butter from a friend that had been to South Africa. As I indulged myself in spoonfuls of the crunchy all-natural peanut butter, something on the label caught my eye.

iFLY KLM Magazine #45
Fietsen in Noorwegen / Biking in Norway

For iFly KLM Magazine I wrote about (mountain) biking routes through Norway. Original text is Dutch, translated into German and English.

iFLY KLM Magazine #44
Reisverhalen uit India / Tales from India

For iFly KLM Magazine I interviewed award-winning Indian photographer Aman Chotani about his photography and his travels through his home country of India.

iFLY KLM Magazine #44
Top 5 Rooftop Bars

For iFly KLM Magazine I wrote about the world's 5 best rooftop bars, ranging from a rooftop cinema in Melbourne to an 'underground' beach bar on a roof in Berlin.