Imogen Beech

Copywriter and Content Writer

United Kingdom

I'm a freelance copywriter and content writer who's written for clients including Oasis Fashion and Houzz. My writing's taken me from house renovations and DIY to driving insurance, theatre, fashion and everything in between.

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Funny Women
Quiz: Review

In a world where scrolling through our newsfeed and checking our Instagram stories is a big part of everyday life, it can be hard to tell where truth ends and fiction begins. Transferred from Chichester to the West End, Quiz couldn't be more relevant. James Graham has used the 2001 coughing Who Wants to be ...
Lockdown DIY mistakes you'll wish you hadn't made

Faced with empty diaries, many of us have filled the time by rolling up our sleeves and tackling those long-overdue decorating projects. However, good intentions don't always make for good results. Back away slowly from the hammer and put the paintbrush down – let's take a look at the home improvement mistakes you’ll wish you hadn’t made.

Hire Space
Host a Gold-Medal Conference at London Stadium

If you're like us, we bet you're cheering at the news that conferences and exhibitions can go ahead from October. So, you've got just over two months to plan the best conference ever ready for reopening - which all starts with picking out your dream conference venue.

Creating Strategic Partnerships that Work for Your Brand

You've read all about the benefits of strategic partners and now you're looking to give this strategic partnership malarky a go. But it's not enough just to decide that you want a strategic alliance (another industry term you'll find floating around!).

How Much Does it Cost to Zombie Proof Your Home?

Your city gets quarantined. Supplies are low. People are smashing the windows of 24-hour stores just to get hold of that all-important toilet paper... and there's still no vaccine! No, we're not talking about the Coronavirus pandemic, but something much, much worse.

What can washing machines teach us about sound?

While you've been busy doing your laundry, washing dishes and heating up your microwave meals, a revolution's been occurring that we bet you didn't even notice! And no, we're not talking about veganism or the age of the Kanken backpack.

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9 Reasons Why The Brewery is the Venue You've Been Dreaming of

Searching for the right venue for your event can feel like wading through treacle - we've all been there. You want a venue that's the right size, in the right location, with the right facilities and the right look. Easier said than done! Or is it...?
25 hacks for effortless apartment living

With more of us relocating to cities, we're living in smaller spaces than ever before. To help make your square footage stretch even further, we've rounded up the best space-efficient tips and storage ideas for apartment living.

Intelligent Instructor
Is Running Your Own Business a Chore?

Being an ADI gives you the freedom to be your own boss, but this freedom can come with unwanted and time-consuming admin. Do you find yourself struggling to fill late cancellations, making frequent changes to bookings or constantly sending reminders to your learners?

How Much Does Running a Hot Tub Really Cost?

A hot tub is probably at the top of many of our wishlists when we're on the lookout for a holiday rental. But what if you didn't have to wait until your holidays to enjoy a luxurious soak in the tub?

The Complete Guide to Strategic Content Partnerships

Whether it's videos, gifs, sponsored content, infographics or blog posts, the chances are that if you own a business, you've already engaged in content marketing in one way or another. It's really a staple of any company's marketing efforts, whether they're aware of it or not.

Shut Up and Listen: The Rise of Listening Bars

We don't know about you, but we're tired of meeting friends at bars where we have to shout to make ourselves heard. And we're tired of turning up to concerts that cause our ears to ring all night. Why can't we enjoy sound? Like, really enjoy it?

Funny Women
The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie: Review

As Muriel Spark's best-known work (and one of my favourite novels), David Harrower's adaptation of The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie has a lot to live up to. This arresting production certainly hits the spot! When the charismatic Miss Brodie (Lia Williams) starts teaching at a girls' junior school in 1930's Edinburgh, she causes a ...
Abandoned streets from around the world

It’s hard to imagine that a busy street could one day stand empty, but these photos show it’s all too possible. From derelict streets of the UK to the ghost towns of the Wild West and the wastelands of Chernobyl, these once-bustling neighbourhoods stand abandoned to the ravages of time.

Radfield Home Care
9 Delicious & Nutritious Winter Meals for the Elderly

It’s always important for older people to eat well. With the days getting colder and the nights longer, a good, nutritional meal is even more essential to keep bodies strong and colds at bay.

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UK Destination of the Month: Bristol

This UK destination of the month was recently named the happiest city in Britain. And it's easy to see why. Located on the River Avon, Bristol is home to a thriving arts scene, heaps of green spaces and more independent shops and cafes than you can count.

How to Develop Successful Strategic Partnerships

We're going to talk straight with you: more than half of partnerships fail. Exactly how many is up for debate. According to Mark Sochan in ' The Art of Strategic Partnering', strategic partnership failures stand at 60-65%.

Go Short
Short Let Risks and Restrictions For Landlords

Renting out your property on a nightly basis is more popular now than ever, thanks to the revolution of Airbnb. But what do homeowners need to look out for when weighing up whether or not to short let their property? Here, we take a look at five potential pitfalls of renting out your property on a short-term basis to help you decide whether going short is for you.
Off-grid living in the North American wilderness

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to leave the rat race behind and live entirely off-grid? We've taken a look at what it's like to live off-grid in the beautiful North American wilderness, through the people who are actually doing it.
Historic houses for sale that cost less than $100,000

A home steeped in history often comes with a hefty price tag, however, if you know where to look, there's more than a few bargains to be had out there. We’ve scoured the US to bring you the most promising heritage houses on the market, and while they might need a lick or two of paint, they'll be more than worth the elbow grease.

Sleigh Beds

If you’re looking for a comfortable yet beautiful bed to add to your bedroom furniture, the sleigh bed won’t disappoint you. Whether you opt for a storage bed to keep your bedroom tidy, or a wooden sleigh bed to charm your guests, it won’t be hard to bring a hint of sophistication to the home.

Go Short
London's 90-Day Short Letting Rule Explained

With the rise of short lets in the capital, there’s a fear that short-term rental properties are taking the place of much-needed housing stock for London residents. To limit the impact of short-term letting, the Deregulation Act of 2015 limits the number of days that a London property can be short let to 90 days. But what does this mean for landlords?
The oldest American homes you can buy

From the mountains of New Hampshire to the tropics of South Carolina and the splendour of New York, there's plenty of history to be found in America's homes. We've put together a collection of the oldest, most characterful properties for sale in the US...

Housekeeping and utility

Housekeeping and utility might sound like the less exciting side of homemaking, but it’s one aspect you won’t be able to do without. Whether it’s cleaning chemicals or electric utility products, they’re essential to creating an inviting and pleasant atmosphere in the home. Get your housekeeping and utility right and the rest will follow!

Hire Space
Top Tips for a Picture-Perfect Venue Profile

There are thousands of people searching for an event venue every day. And you run a venue that you know would be perfect for them. But how do you make them realise that? With tons of spaces vying for their attention, it can be tough to make yours stand out.

Wall and Coat Hooks

When it comes to creating a home, wall hooks and coat hooks are a must! Perhaps you’re after a functional coat rack to keep things tidy, or maybe you’re looking for a decorative wall hook to display your photo frames or other home accessories. Either way, wall and coat hooks will add a personal yet practical touch to the home.

EventLAB by Hire Space
Top Tips For Leading With Emotional Intelligence

Leaders come in many different shapes and styles but when you really break it down, there are a few qualities that come up again and again. They're all qualities associated with emotional intelligence!

Oasis Fashion
Product Descriptions

This dress hits the spot when it comes to that pretty and playful combo. Featuring a mixed polka dot print, cold shoulders and feminine ruffles, it's full of personality and makes the perfect day to night get-up. Just swap trainers for heels and you're park to party ready!