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Catching the AAVE: Twitter, and the New Art of Corporate Blackface...

AAVE is an acronym for African American Vernacular English, often referred to as ebonics. As young black creators and consumers, our interests, our music, and the words we invent have now traveled with us onto social media platforms like Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, in particular...

Kevin Storey: Grinding It Out

Kevin Storey , or Hezzy (short for his middle name Hezekiah) is driven. He peppers a lot of our conversation with motivational quotes that you might find as's "Thought of the Day" ("Don't make decisions out of fear," he said to me).

Five Women on Why They Never Wear Makeup

In the era of highlighting and contouring, strobing and baking, with makeup brands popping up faster than you can scroll through your Instagram feed, and beauty vloggers earning six-figure salaries - the beauty industry is indeed, booming. There are women, however, who choose to forego the foundation and keep it au naturel.

The 'Business of Music' Drives Rap Producer Chase N. Cashe

inspiration You probably know Chase N. Cashe for his production work for Drake, Lil Wayne, Eminem, and R. Kelly. But he also defines himself as "a musician through and through," looking to expand people's perception of him to include his own rapping abilities. Even with his deep roots in music, Chase N.

First-Generation American Creative Guilt - Entrepreneur...

My mom was born in Kingston, Jamaica. She came to the United States when she was 12. I also know she lived in Boston for a time, and had a boyfriend with a motorcycle, while she lived there, at least according to my aunt Judith. Honestly, it's weird thinking about your mom being cool and...

Let's Ban the Word 'Creative'

Is being a "creative" something that's connected to your job or how you lead your life? What does the use of that word signal to other people?

How My Knowledge of "The Other Side" Affected Me - Entrepreneur...

There's private school and space camp - and don't forget French lessons (any Romance language will be fine, actually), piano practice, gymnastics, African dance, and coding classes (because she could very well be the next Zuckerberg or Wozniak). I imagine having a little girl who will...

In a Digital Age, Our Hearts Go Out to Physical Objects

Unlike intangible digital bits and bites floating somewhere in the ether, vinyl-like paper-represents who you are in a tangible form: it is a physical representation of the music you love. If someone comes to your home, they can thumb through your record collection, read the titles, run their fingers over the spines, and get in touch with who you are and where you've been.

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Re-Branding Brooklyn, Where I Grew Up - Entrepreneur, Startup...

I've never been married before. Though I imagine my relationship to Brooklyn is like a couple that got married really young. Your spouse is amazing, still. Beautiful, even. But they begin to change, a natural consequence of growth - in ways you have a hard time connecting to. You never want...

Should You Be Fired for Your Dumb, Bigoted Tweet?

Social media has revealed to me that my favorite artists are morons. Pre-Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram, I would have bet all of my worldly possessions that some of my favorite singers shared many of the same basic beliefs and moral principles based on the songs they sang, and lyrics they wrote, but alas, I was terribly wrong.

Do I Really Want the Corner Office?

I grew up wanting the corner office. I've realized that everything it takes to become that woman takes things I'm not totally sure I'm willing to sacrifice.

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