Bob Klose

B.A. Jewelry Design

Location icon United States of America

Born and raised right here in Elkhart, Indiana. Graduated from Indiana University Bloomington with a B.A. in Jewelry Design and Silversmithing.

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Images Jewelers | Jewelry for Wedding Occasion | All Perfect Stories

When we talk about style, a very precise decision you have to make - as to break the so-called "rules." However, this never means that there aren't still tried-and-true tips to make you look matchless, especially for your wedding day. Further, if you want some guidance on accessorizing your gown, Images Jewelers have presented few tips.

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Images Jewelers: A World of Customized Jewelry Designs

Whatever piece we design - it begins with a story. From beginning to end, we focus to come up with a story of life through the jewelry we design. At Images Jewelers, we've been helping our customers to express their stories for over 60 years with our design.

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Kim Kardashian Jewelry - Lessons Learned from the Heist

Kim Kardashian Jewelry - Lessons Learned from the Heist Kim Kardashian West is never one to shy away from the limelight, but as they say, there's a first time for everything. As you know, Kim was the victim of a robbery late Sunday night in Paris at her suite at the l'Hotel de Pourtal├Ęs, as reported by numerous news agencies.

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Colored diamonds and their magic - Images Jewelers Blog

Hidden inside our planet are some of the rarest and most beautiful creations nature has to offer: fancy colored diamonds. Exotic and mysterious, these gems have been prized and admired for centuries with no end in sight. It was once said that " Gems are the flowers of the mineral kingdom and fancy colored diamond is the orchid."

Custom Jewelry by Images Jewelers

Custom Jewelry designed by experienced designers using the best technology makes Images Jewelers the #1 source for handcrafted, heirloom grade Custom Jewelry!

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Belle E'toile Jewelry - Images Jewelers Reviews

Who doesn't like a high end look for a reasonable price? Belle E'toile is pronounced "bell eh twah". It is a French and Italian designer line of unique jewelry. Belle E'toile is French for "beautiful star". It's a high quality made sterling silver line of jewelry and uses Italian enamel, Italian rubber, seashell pearl, colored stones and Italian resin in the designs.

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Rhodium Plating White Gold - Images Jewelers Blog

Okay ladies, who doesn't like the shine of a white gold diamond ring (Yes, I know, there are some of you that prefer platinum and even fewer that still like yellow gold.)? What if I were to tell you that what you see in your white gold ring wasn't your reflection in white gold?