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Dubious Principles - Sample Scenes

Ian Nihlmar
Dubious Principles - The Weight of Responsibility (3 pages)

A sample scene from a Gangster Drama with the working title Dubious Principles. Mason, cop and main character, edges closer to change when he's confronted by his polar opposite, Detective Dallenbert. Made in December 2018.

Wyoming Rancor - Sample Scenes

Ian Nihlmar
Wyoming Rancor - Break into Act II

A sample of scenes from the ambitious Western titled Wyoming Rancor. One of our main characters, Presley, finds himself having to confront a hired hunter on his trail. Made in July 2018.

Storyboarding and Concept Development

Lines - A Short Film Script

Ian Nihlmar
Lines (6 pages)

Lines - A Short Film Script: A story about two childhood friends whose circumstances force each other into opposite lives. Fate puts them against each other and heartbreaking choices surely must be made. Made in August 2018.