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I'm a freelance magazine writer and editor working across the fields of science, technology, gaming and photography.

New Horizons Beyond Pluto: What Lies in Ultima Thule's Realm?

The constellation of Sagittarius, the Archer, is a common sight in the winter sky, easily recognizable by the "teapot" asterism that makes up its front half. Look in the Archer's direction and you're staring into the center of the galaxy, the Milky Way contributing the "steam" from the teapot's spout.

Science Uncovered
Riddle of the Voynich

Imagine discovering writing that has no helpful clues. Something that only exists in one known book, and that has so far withstood all attempts to crack it.

All About Space
Your flight into space

A look at the rise of commercial spaceflight, and the options for spaceports around the world.

BBC Science Focus
The history of virtual reality

As is often the case when recounting the story of technology that's sprung from Silicon Valley, the history of virtual reality throws up a lot of the same names and places. And when you're dealing with such high-tech ideas, sometimes the truth can be blurred as much by military interest as it can be by late nights and too much caffeine.

PC Gamer
Quantum leap

The latest developments in quantum computing for the Tech Report section of PC Gamer

Beyond Pluto: How will New Horizons spend its remaining fuel?

Zooming past Pluto at 52,000km/h might be considered enough for one car-sized spacecraft's lifetime, especially when it's sent back such amazing pictures of a never-before-seen world. Not for New Horizons, though. Its journey out of the solar system is taking it deeper into the Kuiper Belt, a mysterious region of small bodies beyond the orbit of Neptune.