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United Kingdom

Journalist, editor, copywriter.

Words past + present: The Guardian, NME, Alt Press, Huck, Kerrang!, Guitar Magazine, + more. Email: [email protected]

Gel are shaping the sound of hardcore in 2023

With their back to the camera, Sami Kaiser is lit in that unmistakable fast food restaurant glow. It radiates out from the menu screens at the Sonic Drive-In in Hainesport, New Jersey as they hit their thigh with a mic, ratcheting up the tension as the tangle of bodies before them is taken over by the pit.

Bob Vylan, Witch Fever and High Vis are propelling punk into a vital...

Next month, 2000trees will bring together everyone from rock veterans to breakout stars for the ultimate celebration of the scene. Ahead of the festival, and to applaud just how incredible UK punk is right now, Bob Vylan, Witch Fever and High Vis come together to put the world to rights...

Huck Magazine
The photographers capturing the chaos of America's hardcore music scene

The empty space between the barrier and the stage only stretches a few feet, but it says a lot about the perceived differences between an artist and their audience - or in many cases, a star and their fans. Hardcore shows have, at their most honest, always been a rejection of this power dynamic.