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In 2002, I talked myself into a regular position as a magazine contributor, and since then, I've been working in and around the video game industry as a guide author, journalist, copywriter, and technical writer.

It's a strange job, but the weird things I get to claim as business expenses make it all worthwhile.

'I'm still a humble toymaker': A chat with veteran indie RPG developer Jeff Vogel of Spiderweb...

Jeff Vogel, indie game development's self-declared "Crazy Old Uncle In the Attic," has been a one-man production studio for computer RPGs since 1995, when his first game, Exile: Escape From the Pit, was released as shareware. Since then, he's continued to carve out a niche for himself in the PC games market, publishing series like Geneforge and Avernum through his company, Seattle-based Spiderweb Software.

Warren Ellis talks Netflix's Castlevania

If you're into comic books at all, you probably know the name Warren Ellis. His most famous work might be the cyberpunk story Transmetropolitan, his work defining the Wildstorm universe with comics like Planetary and The Authority, or his six-issue runs for Marvel on Secret Avengers and Moon Knight.

Tekken 7

As far as the game itself goes, Tekken 7 is in good shape. It's Tekken, after all, and it's mostly iterating on what's now a successful formula. A complete novice can be doing impressive stuff within five minutes of picking it up, and advanced players can pick up some of the more technically demanding characters if they want to show off.


Posted by Stephen Riach on Sunday, June 4, 2017 ยท Leave a Comment A lot of the foundational platformers, from the 8-bit era and onward, have a certain calm, forthright surreality to them; of course you're grabbing mushrooms to grow, of course the sun wants to kill you, of course somebody left all these spikes lying around everywhere.

Closure of Runic Games puts another dent in Seattle's video game scene

The closure of Runic Games, the Seattle-based video-game studio that created the popular dungeon crawlers and Torchlight II, is the latest example of a popular game developer falling victim to the changing whims of a corporate parent. Runic, founded in 2008 by Fate creator Travis Baldree and video-game veterans, was quietly shut down last week by its parent Perfect World International.


Fighting Game Terms: A Glossary for New Players

We're currently undergoing a low-key fighting game renaissance. Last year's Street Fighter V finals at Evolution were shown on ESPN 2 for the first time, SNK made a triumphant return with The King of Fighters XIV, and Guilty Gear is still going strong.

Watch_Dogs: The Official Strategy Guide
Criminal Convoys

I contributed this chapter to David Hodgson's guide for Watch_Dogs, as well as some other text and several sections for the online portion of the guide. I ended up learning a lot about Photoshop that I hadn't known before.

Official Strategy Guide for Soul Nomad: The World Eaters
Soul Nomad: Basics

I edited and wrote the introductory chapter for the official strategy guide for NIS America's strategy game Soul Nomad, available on the PS2.

Phantom Brave: The Official Strategy Guide
Phantom Brave sample

I wrote the first chapter and edited the remainder of DoubleJump's popular guide to NIS America's Phantom Brave. This .pdf is a free sample that was used to entice consumers into buying the book.


I've been writing reviews and previews off and on for this site for quite a while now. All of my work, past and present, appears on this link, including the stories I covered for E3 2014.

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