Haryanto Sungkono

Online Content Creator

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Haryanto is an Online Content Creator based in Jakarta, Indonesia. He's currently working in a Singapore-based FX trading startup company in Jakarta. He creates articles, videos, and designs that focus on technology such as blockchain and financial trading related topics.


Medium Articles

The Age of Security Tokens

As the crypto market matures, many investor are wary of new ICOs because back in 2017, loads of ICOs rose up with lots of proposals for their proof-of-concept. However, not few of them are a scam or a non-viable project. Many of the ICOs use words like "blockchain, cryptocurrency, decentralized" as their go-to catchphrase to sell their coins.

The Three Important Trading Key Point

In market trading, the thing that most people concerned about is how they could lessen the risk of getting into a bad trade, whether if it's in cryptos, forex, or even stocks. There are three key points of power that could make a difference between a okay trade and a great one.