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Parakeets, Paris Hilton, and Peace

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Stages of Finals as Narrated by Kermit the Frog

You are generally content. Life is going on and you are innocently doing average in college. 2. When exams first hit you out of NOWHERE I'm sorry OMG where did you come from YOU ARE LITERALLY IN A WEEK WHAT pls don't hurt me 3. The freak out #1 KGJNSIUVIEUBPGOIBJSDNZKLDJNFAJBAFSDBP 4.

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The Day I Started Working Damn Hard

Five days ago, Hillary Clinton lost the U.S. Presidential election. In the moment, it seemed hate and fear officially trumped unity and inclusiveness. The morning after, a shroud of mourning had settled over an anxious campus. No one smiled in passing.

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16 Reasons to Sleep

1. Without it, you will die. This is survival. You know this. Living is fun. 2. Cool dreams. Want to fly over Mexico but gravity/your budget keeps getting in the way? Ugh-- been there. Dreams got your back. 3. Stay awake in class. It's hard enough already.

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