J. Hope Suis


United States

My name is J. Hope Suis and I am the owner of Hope Boulevard, which is a blog/website with a focus on inspiration, relationships, and encouragement on many levels.

I also self-published my book; Mid-Life Joyride in September, 2017.

I have previously written blog posts for various content mills including Crowd Content and Blog Mutt. I currently write for The Hoth.

I have been cited and contributed to several online articles through outlets such as Reader's Digest, Prevention Magazine, US News and World Report, Bustle, and The Chicago Tribune to name a few.

I am always seeking new avenues to pursue freelance writing jobs.

Hope For Nashville - What The Rest Of Us Can Learn About Being Community Strong

In the early morning hours of Tuesday, March 3rd, a series of devastating tornadoes raced through four counties in Tennessee leaving death, chaos, and shredded homes in their wake. Nashville, the Music City, was it the path of one of those tornadoes and while the winds may have been intent on tearing the city apart, it turns out the opposite of that is true.

UpJourney - Live a Happy, Healthy and Successful Life
The Stages of Emotional Response to a Loved One with Mental Illness

Mental illness can be loosely described as any biological brain disorder that interrupts the normal chemistry of the brain and its functions. There is a host of diagnoses such as bipolar, major depression, anxiety, OCD, PTSD, borderline personality disorder, panic attacks, dementia and schizophrenia to name a few.

Let's Talk Coaching
3 Keys for Maintaining Life Focus

Life is a series of decisions. You must decide whether to go to college and then which one to attend. You must choose a career path or risk having one chosen for you. Most people also set out to pick a life partner.

5 Signs You Are The Backup Plan

In many instances, having a backup plan is a good thing. Extra batteries for toys or alarms. Jumper cables in the trunk. A sweater and umbrella in the car. Cash in the sock drawer. More than one option for dinner/movie/music if your first choice is too crowded or sold out.

3 Strategies To Help Affair Proof Your Relationship

Let me say right out of the gate that there is no way to 100% protect your relationship from infidelity. You can do and say all the right things and yet there are still some people who are pre-disposed to being unfaithful. It is a pattern, weakness or character flaw that has shown up in their life history.

What It Means For YOU To Hope With Abandon

For those of you who know me and my vision for Hope Boulevard, you know my tagline/go-to- phrase is Hope With Abandon. What you may not know is what that means to me. And what it can mean to you! Dante Alighiere was a 14th-century Italian poet and philosopher.

Blog - Small Business Brief
5 Qualities Your Maritime Attorney Needs To Have

When choosing a maritime attorney, there are factors you have to take into consideration. There has to be professionalism, a good reputation and much more.