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Yo, I'm a writer. I tap the letter buttons that make words and sentences happen. I'm good enough to make money, but don't ask me how. I'd write something cool here like declaring myself the Bill Burroughs of video games, but instead of drug-fueled misadventures I just stay at home and annoy my cat.

I have pretty good credentials, though. I have a journo degree and around nine years of experience, which includes cool brands like Cracked, PlayStation Lifestyle and Shonen Jump, and ones nobody has ever heard of like GamerTell and Snackbar Games. I contributed to a zine once, and have a horror story published in an issue of Under the Bed magazine. My bylines have popped up on commercials and internet ads, so someone out there likes me. You can too!



VIZ Blog / Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods

We sent one of our strongest warriors to check out the theatrical release of the new DBZ movie. This is what he thought! When I was a kid, I had this book. I can't remember the title, but it was one of those unofficial anime guides that was popular back in the early anime boom.

Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled Review for PlayStation 4 (PS4) - Cheat Code Central

System: PS4, Xbox One, Switch Dev: Beenox Pub: Activision Release: June 21, 2019 Players: 1-4 Player Screen Resolution: 480p-1080p Comic Mischief, Cartoon Violence I have never played the original Crash Team Racing. I wasn't much of a PlayStation kid, never getting around to that platform until the smaller PSOne remodel and Final Fantasy IX.

PlayStation LifeStyle
Catherine Full Body Review - Love is Mindless (PS4)

Out of necessity of reviewing the new content, this review contains spoilers for the new "Rin" Route in Catherine: Full Body! If you don't want spoilers, come back later when you've finished the game! The spoiler-free take? It's a largely appealing game hampered by some mean-spirited and poor writing choices that undermine many of the very things the game is trying to do.

The 10 Best Wrestling Moves in Non-Wrestling Videogames

You might think pro wrestling is a joke, but nothing in this world is as perfect for over the top videogame combat as wrestling moves. Even non-fans can get excited when Mike Haggar pastes an Andore brother into the Metro City pavement with a leaping piledriver. Why? It's about suspension of disbelief.

10 Games With Sexy Animals (For Some Reason) - Cheat Code Central

In video games, you can do anything. You can go from your crappy job at the office and become the baddest space marine in the galaxy. You can play with gadgets and weapons almost nobody gets to touch in real life. Yuo can even transcend humanity and walk in the shoes of the inhuman.

The 6 Most Brutal Murders Committed by Batman

Ask any comic book nerds and they'll tell you that there are two things that define Batman: With enough prep time, he could take down God himself, and he never, ever takes a life.


PlayStation LifeStyle
Moral Conflict in Violence With Metal Gear Rising Revengeance Raiden

It's time for a new edition of Our Favorite Characters! I've been doing a lot of these, and frankly I'm nearly out of characters I really like. Well, ones I can associate with PlayStation, anyway. But, I have at least one left in the tank for now.

PlayStation LifeStyle
Final Fantasy 14 Shadowbringers Naoki Yoshida Interview

Recently, I flew across the dang country from hot and humid Virginia to breezy (and sort of wet) San Francisco, then came back the next day. I did this foolish thing, which included spending nearly an entire extra day at an airport in Philly, to get my hands on Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers , the third expansion to Square Enix's hit MMORPG.

PlayStation LifeStyle
FIFA 20 Preview - FIFA on the Streets, FIFA Street in the Sheets

For the past three summers, I've made a journey from Charlottesville, VA to San Francisco, specifically to play some EA Sports titles. For the past two years the event has been a multi-title showcase, but this year was all about FIFA 20 .

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Shotgun Engagement By: Lucas White -

This story originally appeared in Under the Bed Vol 02 No 05 which is available for purchase right here at this site! Shotgun Engagement By Lucas White I was in a daze as I slid my hand into my jacket pocket and fingered the small box inside.

Dad's Throne of Solitude
FLUSHED: A Toilet Gaming E-Zine

FLUSHED: A Toilet Gaming E-Zine is a one-off zine edited by Samantha Allen, Elizabeth Simins and Lana Polansky exploring the beautiful intersection of videogames and toilets. Let us guide you through an audiovisual journey exploring the role of the porcelain throne within and without the games we play, and break the silence on the intimate bond between the bowl and the console.