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I provide thoughtfully crafted, entertaining content that will connect you with your audience. Through writing that reflects your tone and personality, I'll maintain your brand integrity. Readability and SEO strategies are important to me. I always offer edits to ensure you are 100% satisfied with the product.

I've written hundreds of presentations, procedure manuals, and professional documents over my 22-year military career. Since then I've written for volunteer organizations and am a regular contributor to Medium.

I look forward to exceeding your expectations!



Valor 4 Vet | Medical Experts VA Disability Claims
K2 Veterans Denied Benefits for Toxic Exposure Illnesses - Valor 4 Vet

are likely due to toxic exposure from their time spent at K2. And while they have rested on the promise that the VA will care for them after their military service, they are surprised and disheartened to find that they are being turned away over a technicality.

Valor 4 Vet | Medical Experts VA Disability Claims
Do You Need to File a VA Intent to File?

The importance of the Intent to File is that it locks in a potential effective date for benefits, which the VA will use to calculate how much back pay is owed to you should your claim be approved.

BLUF Military Benefits
Post 9/11 GI Bill Guide | BLUF Military Benefits

As of November 2019 - Education benefits are some of the most valuable benefits available to active service members and Veterans. Specifically, the Post-9/11 (Chapter 33) GI Bill gives the most support to eligible students. It is the top used GI Bill benefit, with 708,069 reported beneficiaries in FY 2018.

BLUF Military Benefits
Tuition Assistance | BLUF Military Benefits

As of November 2019 - One of the best educational benefits offered to Active Duty personnel is Tuition Assistance (TA). It allows service members to begin pursuing their degree programs while still on Active Duty and keep GI Bill funds intact for use after they leave the service.


Why You Need a Virtual Mailbox -

If you've been managing your business mail without a virtual mailbox, reading this post will change your life! What exactly is a virtual mailbox? It's a service that allows you to receive, read, forward, pick up, or discard mail through a desktop or mobile application.

Consider Culture When Choosing a Virtual Office -

To say the culture of your company is important to you as a business leader is an understatement. It should also be an important consideration when selecting a virtual office. Virtual offices provide valuable services to business owners such as a virtual mailing address, a virtual mailbox, and space to hold meetings.


Why You Can (And Should) Eat Alone in a Restaurant

We sat in the local Chinese restaurant that I had been dying to try when he offered up a shocking solution. "Why not come here to eat alone?" I was 20 years old and living in Alabama, my first duty...

Preparing to take care of your aging parents

My parents were very independent and capable of taking care of themselves. Until one day, seemingly suddenly, they weren't. My mom had some balance issues that resulted in two or three falls over about a year. The last one landed her in a nursing home, and doctors said she'd be there for a while, or forever.

When You Feel Like An Outsider At Christmas

How unrealistic expectations can ruin blended holidays That first Christmas together as a new family left me feeling more like an outsider than a new wife and stepmom. This surprised the hell out of me. My husband was a wonderful partner who always made me feel included and valued my input on family life.

Writing Was My Life's Passion, and I Hated It

Did I rethink my passion, or redefine it? If writing was my self-proclaimed passion in life, why did I hate doing it so much? At least it felt like I hated it. Each time I sat down to write, I spent five minutes staring at my hands.

Clean Beauty

Should You Be Using Clean Beauty Products?

I'm not as clean as I probably should be. And by clean, I mean I'm not overly concerned about the products that go into or onto my body. From time to time I'll choose an organic apple over an apple...

Revlon is Bringing Clean Beauty to the Masses

More affordable, less hazardous cosmetics for everyone Affordable clean beauty products are coming to a store near you, thanks to Revlon. The global makeup giant is the first to release an EWG Verified ™ cosmetic to mass retailers.


Montco Happening
The Perfect Graduation Guide for the Class 2021

By Heather Morgan The time is finally here-the season to celebrate all those hardworking graduates from the Class of 2021. Whether you opt for a DIY backyard party or a highly polished event with all the finishes, we've got a full range of ideas for you.