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"This is a subtle truth. Whatever you love, you are." - Rumi

Hello and welcome to my writing portfolio! Although I have many passions in life (cats, running, and Minnesota lakes to name a few), writing has claimed my heart with its unique blend of analytical thinking and creative inspiration. A well written piece can educate, motivate and persuade when it matters most.

This portfolio showcases work from my various professional roles, including my current position as a marketing copywriter at U.S. Bank, prior freelancing projects and my internship at USA Swimming. From time to time, I may also post creative essays and short stories. Enjoy!

U.S. Bank Private Wealth Management
U.S. Bank Private Wealth Management Ad

An advertisement to promote U.S. Bank Private Wealth Management services. I wrote the headline and copy.

U.S. Bank
U.S. Bank Community Ad

U.S. Bank print advertisement to celebrate community events. I wrote the headline and copy.

U.S. Bank
Congratulatory Ad for Richard Davis

A print advertisement published in Twin Cities Business Magazine to congratulate former U.S. Bank CEO Richard Davis for being recognized as a Leader Who Shaped MN Business.

U.S. Bank
Fremont, CA BART Station Ads

I wrote the headlines for this series of advertisements, which were featured in BART train station in Fremont, CA.

U.S. Bank
Appointment Scheduling Buck Slip

Encourages customers to utilize the U.S. Bank appointment scheduling tool to set up a meeting with a banker.

USA Swimming
USA Swimming LGBTQ Cultural Inclusion Guide

I worked on this Cultural Inclusion Guide while interning at USA Swimming in 2016. The resource was a collaborative effort by USA Swimming, but I wrote most of the original copy.

U.S. Bank Financial IQ

U.S. Bank Financial IQ
What's a subordination agreement, and why does it matter?

Refinancing your home comes with its fair share of paperwork. If you have a home equity loan or line of credit, one document may feel particularly daunting: the subordination agreement. --- I wrote this financial education article for U.S. Bank Financial IQ, published September 27, 2018.

Money muling 101: Recognizing and avoiding this increasingly common scam

One of today's most serious scams uses your bank account to aid criminals. Here's a crash course on money mule scams, including what they are and how to recognize them. Many of us have fallen for a scam before. Perhaps you clicked a phony email link or gave your information to the wrong person.

What to do when your auto lease ends

What are your options when a car lease ends? Your next step is deciding to purchase, return or trade your vehicle. Here's an overview of each option, plus some key things to consider before making a decision. The end of your car lease can sneak up quickly.

The American Genius-- Entrepreneur/business news

The American Genius
Remindly: The Gmail plugin that helps you manage your followup emails - The American Genius

We've all sent email reminders before. Those emails starting with "just checking in," "just following up," or "just reminding you" are an unfortunately result of our busy work culture. It can be frustrating to wait days for a response to your email; but on the other hand, it's hard to keep track of all the emails coming in and out of our inbox.

The American Genius
What is the Ambiguity Effect and how is it hurting your business? - The American Genius

Whether we are making purchases, or personal choices about the right person to date or the right college to attend, as humans we strive to make sound, rational decisions. We do our research, consult family and friends, and make pro and con lists; all for the sake of ensuring that we make the best possible choice.

The American Genius
Forcy gives any iPhone the 3D feel - The American Genius

Apple's iPhone 6 and 6 Plus models are equipped with Force Touch technology, making them compatible with the new iOS 9 3D Touch feature. This tool promises to be one of Apple's biggest advancements yet in touch screen technology.

The American Genius
TV is trying to personalize ads - will it work on you? - The American Genius

For many years, the TV industry has relied on its large audience base to entice advertisers. Commercial time was sold based on broad demographics about who is watching at certain times. Lately, however, advertisers are becoming less and less likely to accept these broad TV demographics, when online advertisements allow them to be much more precise.

The American Genius
Dear Internet of Things fans: Even teakettles are vulnerable - The American Genius

In today's technology culture, there's an app for everything. The Apple iPhone comes with a whole host of apps upon immediate purchase, including iTunes, the iTunes Store, a text messaging app, a camera, alarm, stopwatch, calendar, Face Time, Google Maps, a weather app, and even a Health app that can monitor daily steps, flights climbed, and distance.

The American Genius
Google temporarily de-indexes Wix sites - The American Genius

If your business website was built with the online website builder tool, Wix, you may be noticing a recent dip in user activity. In fact, it's likely that you are experiencing a major decline in activity due to a recent issue causing numerous sites powered by Wix to drop off the Google index.

The American Genius
Starbucks to extend full tuition coverage to military veteran employees and their families - The...

In 2014, Starbucks offered its employees full tuition coverage for online undergraduate programs at Arizona State University. Now Starbucks has announced they will expand this benefit to the spouses and children of their military employees. Specifically, veterans, active-duty, and reserve members of the military can now receive full tuition coverage for both themselves and one other family member.

The American Genius
Have you audited your website for gender bias? - The American Genius

Over the last century, gender equality in business and politics has become an increasingly important issue. As feminists continue to bring biases to light for our community, we try our best to correct them. Yet gender bias has long been built into the fabric of our society, and despite our good intentions, inequalities often resurface in our most basic communication tool: language.

The American Genius
As "Black Friday" becomes meaningless, how are Amazon and China are opening wallets - The...

As Thanksgiving approaches, major retailers like Amazon, Wal-Mart, and Target begin launching their holiday shopping sales. Each company took a slightly different approach to generating excitement and motivating shoppers. On Sunday, Walmart and Target kicked off their holiday deals by offering season-long price rollbacks and free shipping-and-returns programs respectively.

The American Genius
Social media analytics headache? PeakFeed keeps it simple - The American Genius

Wading through data can be frustrating and time consuming for anyone hoping to monitor their business efforts. PeakFeed is an analytics tool focused on delivering simple, easy-to-use reports on your brand's social media efforts. The service provides a high-level analysis of any company's social media activity, and the activities of their competitors.

The Real Daily- Real Estate News

The Real Daily
Luna 360 camera offers a live 360 degree view in real time, could change home tours forever - The...

Homebuyers know that no matter how many videos they watch, or photos they click through, nothing can replace the experience of walking through a potential home. Although photos and videos will never fully replace the experience of being somewhere in person, Luna, a new 360-degree camera, promises to bring users one step closer to the real life experience by providing them with panoramic photos and videos.

The Real Daily
Surefield's new Pricepoint tool could be a Zestimate killer - The Real Daily

Surefield is a Seattle-based real estate brokerage with a knack for empowering consumers. The firm first began breaking trends with their 3D home tours technology, which allows homebuyers to virtually walk through properties without an agent. With this increased online exposure, potential buyers can discover many worthwhile properties on their own, and dramatically reduce their commission costs.

The Real Daily
The coolest $5 app every real estate pro will want - The Real Daily

Research indicates that video is the most influential communication tool for both baby boomers and millennials. Studies from ComScore show that consumers are 64 percent more likely to buy a product after watching a related video, and they tend to retain more content from videos than text messages.

The Real Daily
Is 2016 finally the year of marketing automation for real estate listings? - The Real Daily

As technology continues to revolutionize the workplace, it's important that fear of the unknown doesn't stop us from embracing beneficial technologies. Even positive changes can upset employees and cause endless drama; nevertheless, businesses that don't embrace emerging technologies run the risk of being trampled by their competitors.

The Real Daily
Green home features now increase value and marketability of homes - The Real Daily

Consumers in today's real estate market are ready and willing to pay more for environmentally friendly, high performance features. Whether for the environmental advantages, the cost savings, or just for the sake of keeping up with trends, people are embracing green home features more than ever before.

The Real Daily
Top 10 places to raise a family, according to science - The Real Daily

The quality of school systems is one of the most common reasons that people choose to move, followed closely by job opportunities and changes in family status. For many buyers, the search for an affordable house that is both in a good school district and close enough to work means living in the suburbs.

The Real Daily
New HUD program transitions people from prison to the community - The Real Daily

In early November, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), and the Department of Justice (DOJ) announced that Public Housing Authorities across America will receive $1.7 million in grants. As part of President Obama's efforts to foster rehabilitation and reintegration for the formerly incarcerated, the grant money is flagged for costs associated with expunging or sealing the criminal record of eligible public housing residents under age 24.

The Real Daily
Hackers are now targeting real estate transactions - The Real Daily

Data security has become increasingly important for the real estate industry in 2015, as cyber criminals have turned their attention to small real estate businesses, agents, and their clients. Although news coverage tends to focus on security breaches at large companies like Target, JP Morgan, and the U.S.

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