Midwest Feature Freelancer

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I'm a freelance feature writer based in Northeast Indiana.

Curiosity is important to me. Writing has given me incredible opportunities to be curious and explore the people and events in my community.

Fort Wayne Magazine
Twiggy's Farewell Tour

Feature on the farewell/retirement tour for Twiggy, the beloved water-skiing squirrel

Fort Wayne Magazine
Amplify Art

Feature on a local campaign for arts community.

Fort Wayne Magazine
Be It Resolved

Advice from local experts on how to succeed at the most common New Year's Resolutions in 2019.

Fort Wayne Magazine--Lakes Edition
Active Pursuit

Feature of active outdoor summer activities.

Living Fort Wayne
2nd Annual Weather the Fort Festival - Living Fort Wayne

Winter weather is festive until New Year's Day. After that, it's just cold. The whole city seems to hibernate and complain until spring break. Ted Pappert and John Felts, members of Young Leaders of Northeast Indiana, decided to combat these winter blues and embrace the cold.

Living Fort Wayne
Souped Up: Fort Wayne SOUP - Living Fort Wayne

Note from event organizers - Due to overwhelming interest in our inaugural Fort Wayne SOUP event on March 30th we must change the location from One Lucky Guitar to the Summit located at 1025 West Rudisill Blvd. The new venue can accommodate up to 240 guests.