Hyun Seung Steven Lee

Location icon United States of America

As you go on in life, one gets exposed to many experiences. Meeting people, writing current events, and reporting just gives you that flavor of distinction from others. Apologies, did not mean to sound so pretentious.

What I meant to say is that these writings capture people in their innate settings with profiles about current events, hot topics in the world, and just personal creative writings.
This very idea serves to propagate the idea that people can be informed through cultural diffusion, an attempt that I hope can be appreciated.

Transitional Justice Working Group
Guatemala Crisis ICTJ

The Guatemalan people need justice in the light of the ravaged land the civil war had on its people. The army has been systemically freed from any source of prosecution.

Maxwell School Class Paper
Free Speech Villification?

Free Speech has come under fire. This paper will examine the understanding of free speech and how it should be used or not used.

Maxwell School Class Paper
Memo for Supreme Court decision

This decision Carpenter v. US provided this incentive of third party data being accessed by the cops, a power that violates the 4th amendment of no searches and seizures without a warrant.