Hillary Cormier


United States

Copywriter @ Accenture Song //
Freelance Content Writer @ WGSN //
Based in Houston, TX.



Private Client
Noli Beauty - Social

Wrote engaging social copy for emerging UK beauty brand, Noli. Includes launch and teaser copy, CTAs, and Instagram stories.

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Premama Creative Hook + Key Storylines

Refreshed maternity supplement brand, Premama, with a new creative hook and key storylines that emphasize care, support, and empathy so parents can grow a better future for themselves and their babies.

Brand Case Study: Sdara Skincare

A case study that tracks the transformation of Sdara Skincare from an out of touch, anti-aging beauty brand to an educating, empowering brand that helps its customers feel confident and comfortable in their natural skin. Featured is the process of a full rebrand that led to doubled conversion rates, new, progressive messaging, and a successful pop-up in Showfields Miami.

Creative Pitch | Bonmedico

A creative pitch for Bonmedico, an international brand that makes orthopedic and ergonomic products. Made to modernize the brand, transition to health and wellness-focused branding, and appeal to U.S. and German consumers. Presented to senior creative leadership and Brand Management.

Brand Guidelines | ChomChom

Brand guidelines for viral TikTok sensation and $13m brand, ChomChom Roller. Specific contributions include brand mission and promise, customer persona, tone of voice, copy do's and don'ts, and Amazon storefront.

Brand Guidelines | Watermelon Ball

Brand guidelines for Watermelon Ball, $1m brand and splashy, summertime experience. Includes brand mission and promise, customer persona, tone of voice, copy do's and don'ts, and Amazon listing optimization.

Creative Strategy | Plant Theatre

Creative strategy and concepting for UK-based seed kit and outdoor furniture brand, Plant Theatre. Includes product research, customer personas, and three concepts for a brand refresh. Presented to senior creative leadership and Brand Management.


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WD-40® Precision Pen Campaign

Launched the campaign for the new and innovative WD-40® Precision Pen, developing key messaging and copy guidelines across digital and physical marketing materials, Amazon, and WD40.com.

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Safe Place for Youth #DonateYourHobby - 2nd Place Anthem Award Winner

The #DonateYourHobby campaign for LA-based non-profit, Safe Place for Youth (SPY) highlights our unique hobbies while championing a shared vision for a safer and more supportive community for all. Using community-inspired art, gamification, storytelling, digital tactics, and targeted CTAs, the IRL activation empowers people to donate their hobby to SPY. The campaign won Silver in the 2023 Anthem Awards' Community Engagement category.

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Good Measure Campaign Guide

An internal campaign guide for blood sugar-friendly snack brand, Good Measure. The final concept focuses on how Healthy Strivers can crave and delight in something delicious while also enjoying the relief and empowerment that comes with snacking on their own terms. No measuring, no worries.

Web Copy & Blogs

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Premama Website Refresh

A complete refresh of the Premama website featuring updated brand and content strategy. The brand's new manifesto, "Grow a Better Future," and a nurturing, caring, and supportive tone of voice are implemented throughout.

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Coach Amazon A+ Content

Wrote A+ content for Coach's first Amazon launch, completing copy for all of the brand's categories and subcategories.

DTC Blogs | B-Six

A collection of SEO-driven blogs I've written for pasties brand, B-Six. Established tone of voice for all subsequent blogs for the brand.

Resources & Guides

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Copy This!

A resource for copywriters or anyone stuck using the same words in their marketing or advertising work. While these words are reliable and often catchy, we can always challenge our copy and find new ways to phrase our ideas.

Spec Work (Fun Things That Didn't Happen)

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Campaign Narrative Collection

Campaign narratives for pioneering beauty brand, Pat McGrath Labs, trailblazing eyewear brand, Pit Viper, and mens' beard care brand, Every Man Jack RFPs.

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RVIVAL Brand Naming

20 brand name options for 4th wave coffee brand, RVIVAL, based on an interactive workshop I designed for them to participate in.

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Fresh Wave Campaign Concepts

Campaign concepts for odor removal brand, Fresh Wave. Includes two concepts with activation tactics focused on embracing the mess (and odor) that makes our houses home and putting the odor eliminating ability of Fresh Wave to the test by taking it on a journey to notoriously smelly places across the US.


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2023-2024 Props

Nods and acknowledgments from supervisors, co-workers, and more.

A Year In Review: 2021-2022

A list of achievements and high fives from 2021-2022. Featuring props from Thrasio manager and peers.