Henry Hudson


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I write stories to change people's minds about a topic, and to move their hearts. At the moment, I'm working on an illustrated short story in four parts, The Legend of the Giant and the Stag. I really love being told what people think of my work, so please email me with your feedback: [email protected]


The Legend of the Giant and the Stag

The Legend of the Giant and the Stag
Part One

There was once a friendly giant who lived on an island with his love, a handsome stag. George the Giant and Tim the Stag were very happy together, building a home and a life full of love. But they had not always lived on this island, and they had not always been so happy.

The Legend of the Giant and the Stag
Part Two

Tim was gone and George did not know what to do. He roamed the mountain. He shouted at the sky, "Bring back my love, bring him back!" But Tim was gone, and the giant was alone. As he roamed across the island, through the valleys and the ravines, he remembered all the places they had...

The Legend of the Giant and the Stag
Part Three

They breathed in the air and pretended it was peaceful to go this slowly, as if out of choice. They were soon out of breath. The three fishermen were trying to row down the river to the sea. They made awkward faces as they concentrated, trying so hard.

The Legend of the Giant and the Stag
Part Four

"I can't even see past the end of my nose. Time to get off this miserable island. Shine that torch over here," Bartholomew moaned from the bottom of a large, freshly made hole in the ground. "Enough. The sooner you finish digging this damn hole, the sooner we can catch what we came for and...


(In pre-production)
A Walk in the Park

A radio play script I made last year. It was inspired by walking in the park with my dog a hundred times. It is the story of a recent graduate who takes his brother to the park and meets an old man. When a toy plane crashes, the brother disappears. Meanwhile, a drug-dealer goes to the woods to surprise his girlfriend. As the boys’ lives collide, the story shows the consequences of their choices.

YouTube (Shortlist Short Film Competition 2015)
When the Plan Goes Wrong

'When the plan goes wrong' looks at the day in the iCare office. When the plan for a presentation goes awry, is there a solution? The story follows the theme 'A bad day at the office' and is our entry for ShortList's One-Minute Short Film Competition. Please share it!

YouTube (SIP Productions)
On the Coach

A short film about relationships brought together by serendipity. The story follows three pairs of people who sit together on a coach ride to the Taj Mahal in India. It was made by a team on the UKIERI Study India Programme in Delhi in 2014. Thanks to my friend Eliza for the fruit face game.

Earlier Work

WILD Magazine, Oxford, November 2015
The Boy and the Peacock

A short story I made after spending a wonderful month in India. It is set in a sprawling street community in Delhi, and was inspired by a boy I saw walking through the mist in Mumbai. It came to form a reflection on my time there, and is coloured by a touch of nostalgia.