Helene Engler

Biologist-Turned-Science Writer

Location icon United States of America

Science Writer and Editor with a Ph. D. in Biology

Writer for K-12 textbook publishing industry since 2005

Deliver engaging articles of high quality and on time

Butterfly Biologist-Turned-Science Writer: An Interview with Dr. Helene Engler

Lauren Jonik: Butterflies are such exquisite creatures. What exactly does the work of a butterfly biologist entail? Dr. Helene Engler: The methods depend on your questions. I use a butterfly net to catch them and track them. I also catch butterflies between my two fingers at the base of their wings so I don't hurt...

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The World of Plants and Animals

All living things have needs to meet for survival. Plants and animals can interact with one another to meet some of these needs.

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