Hedd Thomas

Freelance Writer and Composer

United Kingdom

[email protected]

I'm a writer and composer based in Wales with experience as a critic and broadcaster on classical and world music.
My compositions have been performed by a number of professional and amateur ensembles.
Earlier musical endeavours include opera singing, leading a salsa band and conducting a university orchestra and choir.

Music Editor, Seren Newspaper: 2014-15
Web Editor, Presenter and Producer, United World Radio: 2009-13

MMus in Composition, Bangor University: 2015
BMus in Music, Newcastle University: 2013

In my free time I enjoy photography and travelling.



The View From Fez
The View From Fez’s Guide to Concert Photography

Hedd Thomas takes a look at the problem of concert photography, and, with his tongue firmly in his cheek, has come up with a list of five points to remember when attending a concert.

The View From Fez
Fes Festival 2016 - The Wrap

This was my first time to the Fes Festival of World Sacred. In fact, it was also my first time in Morocco and my first time in Africa. I came with few expectations.

The View From Fez
Concert Review: Samira Saïd - Moroccan Singing Star

The final day of the Fez Festival of World Sacred Music was a mixture of totally different styles of music. Contemporary Music from Yom, Arab pop from Samira and a wildly exuberant Sufi performance from the Fez Hamadcha.

The View From Fez
Concert Review: Parvathy Baul and Mehdi Nassouli – Poetry of Wandering Mystics

Despite the day’s troubles, it ended on a high with one of the most hotly-anticipated events of the festival. Bengali Baul poetress Parvathy Baul and Moroccan gnawa Mehdi Nassouli came together to explore the shared essence of their musics and delivered a triumphant performance to a capacity crowd at Prefecture Hall made up of visitors and locals alike.

Album Review: F The Tories by NxtGen

'Maggie Maggie Maggie' by The Larks. 'Margaret on the Guillotine' by Morrissey. 'How Does It Feel?' by Crass. Remember these? Unless you're a Baby Boomer or simply into your political '80s rock, the likely answer is 'No'. Perhaps you remember Klaus Nomi's 'Ding Dong!

Concert Review: Bangor University Symphony Orchestra

The Pritchard-Jones Hall is a big room. It's difficult to appreciate just how big with eyes alone; ears are better. An orchestra playing Schubert, Mathias and Sibelius should do. What became apparent on Saturday night, though, was that not even the full force of the Bangor University Symphony Orchestra could fill the space.

Journey of a Winter Journey

After the rationalism of the Age of Enlightenment, Middle Europeans were feeling a bit detached from their feelings and from their place in nature. Instead of grand architecture and fancy portraits, artists like Caspar David Friedrich began depicting fearful mountains and lonely woods.

2015: Why I'll welcome it with a waltz

New Year's Eve is a musical time. For some it's a night for unrestrained camp and cheese at a house party, for others, big beat and DJs at the best club in town. I've even crossed the midnight mark with some merengue and salsa. That's New Year's Eve.

Students bring Samba to the Street

Dozens of drummers braved a blustery Bangor on Saturday afternoon to bring the sounds of samba to the street. Part of the annual Black History Month, which takes place every October, the organisers of the 40-minute-long extravaganza at the Clock Tower chose to make this year's event a celebration of the drum, recognising its central role in Black History and its contribution to musical styles all around the world, including samba.

United World Radio
Concert Review: Simon Thacker's Svara-Kanti - Four World Premiers from Three Continents

The Sage Gateshead Thursday, 6th December 2012 Performers: Simon Thacker, guitar Sarvar Sabri, tabla Jacqueline Shave, violin Japjit Kaur, voice Programme: Thacker: Dhumaketu Osbourne: The Five Elements Riley: SwarAmant Thacker: Svaranjali Thacker: Multani Mustana and Kaur, arr. Thacker: Main tenu yaad aavanga Korde: Anusvara 6th Prism Biba, arr.

United World Radio
Concert Review: Mayumi Miyata - Sho: The Sound of Eternity

Kings Place, London 3rd March 2011 Reviewed by Hedd Thomas Opening Kings Place's 'Hibiki: Resonances from Japan' series was Mayumi Miyata, a distinguished performer who, besides having a reputation as the best living shō player, is known as the first artist to bring the traditional Japanese mouth organ to worldwide attention.

United World Radio
Concert Review: Michiyo Yagi - Tradition and Exploration

Kings Place, London 5th March 2011 Reviewed by Hedd Thomas The final performer in Kings Place's 'Hibiki: Resonances from Japan' series, Michiyo Yagi proved a firm favourite with the London audience and demonstrated why she's renowned as a leading virtuoso on her traditional koto and its more modern variations.



General Election 2015 - The Day After

It has been an extraordinary 24 hours. Nobody could quite believe that exit poll when it emerged, not least Paddy Ashdown, who promised to eat his hat if the poll was right. Against all expectations the Conservatives were thought to be the largest party yet shy of a majority.

Running for Rainforests

On Sunday, months of training paid off as I ran my first marathon - the Virgin Money London Marathon. In fact, when I signed up for it last summer I hadn't done any long distance runs before at all. Talk about starting in the deep end!

A Walking Tour of Wroclaw, Poland

Hedd Thomas , Seren's Sub-Editor for Music covers one city in particular, Wrocław where he has lived in the past year. He believes the hidden gem makes for the perfect city break and encourages every Bangor student to visit!