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What is Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS)?

CPaaS stands for Communication Platform As A Service. In a nutshell, it's a cloud-based platform that enables businesses and developers to add messaging, voice, and video in their own applications. Essentially, it provides a complete off-the-shelf environment of communication tools using programmable telecom - all without needing backend infrastructure.

Reducing Messaging Costs: Real-time Number Discovery (Number Lookup)

Every day businesses send millions of messages to their customers, be it transactional messages, marketing, promotional messages, or verification messages via One Time Password (OTP). And every day millions of messages never reach their intended recipient. Why?

Chatbots' Potential in MEA's Banking Sector

Many businesses and companies are shifting away from real-life, human interactions to automated conversational interactions via the chatbot. Presently, the chatbot market is valued at more the $250 million and it is projected to continue its rapid growth over the next decade.

MEA's Next-Gen Conversational Experiences: ChatApps, RCS, and Bots

The digital frontier has massively changed during the past two decades, evident with the prevalent use of the internet, mobile users and their use of social media. To date, more than half of the world's population is now online; there are five billion global mobile subscribers and more than 3 billion active social media users.

Digital Overhaul to MEA's Banking Alerts and Notification System

The banking sector usually needs to keep its customers apprised of their transaction history. Back in the day, the only available channel for banks to communicate with customers their detailed history has been through sending a letter in a mailbox. The letter had to include pretty much everything credited or debited to an owner's account.

Real Estate

INVEST-GATE The Voice Of Real State
Trend Analysis: Devaluating Currency vs. Real Estate Boom

By Heba Eid Egypt's real estate market, described by many as rock solid, may not necessarily need a boost, yet the Egyptian pound's (EGP) recent devaluation did exactly that. Since the 2011 revolution, the economic decline has caused foreign reserves to dwindle to an all-time low, which has...

INVEST-GATE The Voice of Real Estate
Future Landscape of Green Design and Construction

By: Heba Eid Egypt's present economic reality, its rapidly growing population, and finite resource pool all make it prudent for the nation to conserve resources and energy. With the real estate sector continuously on the rise to fulfil the housing demand needs, it is only natural that developers...

INVEST-GATE The Voice of Real Estate
The Future of Sustainable and Green Construction in Egypt

By: Heba Eid The 'going green' bandwagon has been slowly making the rounds with new ideas of impactful ways to save our planet emerging every day. Environmental responsibility and long-term sustainable solutions have become a necessity, with the world trying to combat global warming with its...

GCC Financial Articles

In-Depth: The impact of UAE's infrastructure on economic growth

Dubai - Decypha: The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has for decades been long-sighted in terms of investing in infrastructure. With the country's economic development closely intertwined with its infrastructure, smart investment yields long-term results. Now the UAE has world class infrastructure, the best developed in the Middle East.

UAE's Oil Industry: A Complete Profile - 2017

As the seventh largest petroleum producer in the world, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) economy has long been coupled with the ebbs and flows of the hydrocarbon industry.

INVEST-GATE The Voice of Real Estate
VAT and Its Impact on Economy and Real Estate

Following the tumultuous events of the 2011 and 2013 uprisings and the socio-political instability of the region, foreign investors and tourism have evacuated Egypt in large numbers - both of which have caused the government's foreign reserves to drop to an all-time low since 2010. The collapse...

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