Heather Wiedenhoft

Environmental Scientist and Writer. Outdoor Guru.

I am a scientist and freelance writer with a passion for the outdoors. My research work has led to peer-reviewed publications like Cell Journal and Harmful Algae, and range from topics in Neuroscience to Immunology to Environmental Science. More creative science writing has revolved around marine and fisheries ecosystems, with a move towards nature and outdoor writing. When I'm not making discoveries in the lab or crafting on my computer you can find me exploring the backwoods of Oregon, tip- toeing to mountain tops or taming raging rivers.

United States of America


Hakai Magazine

Budding Barnacle Bonanza | Hakai Magazine

With its hard, scaly exterior and rubbery looking neck, the gooseneck barnacle seems like an unlikely candidate for the next food craze. Yet the tasty little crustacean is the...

Fisheries Magazine

Amber waves of.......algae?

Kelp and other seaweeds naturally grow in the Puget Sound, but their current density is a fraction of historical levels. Researchers are looking to change that and help combat...

Aquaculture North America

Dulse: the next big wave in aquaculture?

What is more productive than rice and wheat, more nutritious than salmon, tastes like bacon when fried, and was once used as a source of food for abalone? It is Palmaria mollis,...

Fisheries Magazine

An Unlikely Hero

Efforts to conserve an often misunderstood fish in the Columbia River Basin

Hatchery International

There's something in the water....Salmons' secret weapon

"A fish's sense of smell is probably 1000 times more sensitive to chemicals than a human being's," says Dr. David Noakes of Oregon State University. He's part of a team of...

Fisheries Magazine

Biofiltration: An Attractice Extractive Solution

In Chesapeake Bay, everyone loves a good oyster. But scientists are hoping that "good" refers not just to their taste, but also their capacity to help clean up the bay!

National Fisherman

Sound Science: 25 years after the Valdez oil spill, biologists in Prince William Sound are...

Pacific herring have been a critical subsistence fishery for Alaskan coastal communities, as well as being commercially harvested for food (including for their roe, a...

Sea Star

Ocean Acidification Comes to the Classroom

.....Garfield High School students were busy watching bubbling bottles of sugar, yeast and water — small manufacturing plants for carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas.

The Cordova Times

Researchers Tackle Big Fish Questions

Researchers take a look at what happens when wild and hatchery salmon interact in the same spawning streams..


The Effects of Oil Pollution on Aquatic Ecosystems

When oil is spilled into an aquatic environment, it can harm organisms that live on, around, and under the water surface by both chemical toxicity and by coating and smothering...

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