Heather Vaughan

Copywriter | UX Consultant | Web Design

United States

Connecting mission-driven businesses with their audiences via gorgeous websites and excellent copy.

More samples + references + resume available upon request. Just ask! [email protected]

Flourish Ayurveda Center
UX + Website Design

After ten years in business, Flourish Ayurveda becomes Flourish Ayurveda Center. FAC needed an updated website to expand remote reach and connect with new local clients. UX based Web Design, Copywriting, SEO, Rebrand.

Moxie Scrubs Website Re-Launch + SEO
Website Re-Launch

Lead copywriter and editor with SEO for Moxie Scrubs' re-launch in early 2023.

Nurse Voices: Moxie Scrubs Blog
Nursing-Running-School-Life Balance with Sam Roecker, RN

An interview with Sam Roecker, a nurse, NP student, and Olympic qualifying elite distance runner on breaking the Guinness World Record for fastest marathon in a nurses uniform and how she balances her very full life.

Inward Bound x New Mexico ECDCD
Infant & Pre/Postpartum CranioSacral Training & Treatment Proposal

Presented to the State of New Mexico with accompanying pitch deck, the ECDCD accepted the proposal to add craniosacral therapy as a new intervention provided free of charge to qualifying cases, and hired PCA to train providers.

Moxie Scrubs Email
Is Forensic Nursing for You? Evidence Suggests... Yes!

Catching the trend that nurses are leaving the bedside in favor of outpatient jobs, this email promotes a career development article to an audience of nurses. Articles like this keep a company top of mind with sales and loyalty as a result of delivering value.

Blue Desert Retreat Center Email Blast
The Monthly Midline Newsletter

Monthly Newsletters became of Peirsman CranioSacral Academy and Blue Desert Retreat Center's largest single source of students. The brand voice? Warm, inviting, clear.

The S'More Pit Instagram
S'Mores are the New Doughnut ­čŹę

Hyper-focused on local connections and collaborations, The S'More Pit Instagram posts delivered a 5-10% engagement rate. Nearly all of the iconic Santa Fe company's events were promoted and booked via organic social. Writing copy for The S'More Pit was a breeze - this brand had a quality, nostalgic, niche product and focused on a connection-based, humor-filled tone. And gooeyness. Lots of gooeyness.

FreshPure® Waters Blog
Educational Blog Article: #NoSingleUsePlastic Part 1: The Source

An educational article to drive filtered water sales, this is the first installment of a 5 part series on how plastic makes it's way into our water supply. We begin at the source: natural gas and crude oil, and make our way to micro-plastics over the course of the series.

FreshPure® Waters Blog
FreshPure® Waters is GenX Free

An article to address the GenX crisis of 2019 in Wilmington, NC, this article to offers customers confidence that FreshPure® Waters is, and has always been, GenX Free.

The S'More Pit Product Insert
Getting Gooey. Together.

The S'More Pit's mission was to use organic, artisan s'mores as a vehicle to ignite community. It goes without saying at events. But, when a customer purchased a product online, we wanted to remind them why we made these big, beautiful marshmallows.

FreshPure Waters Blog
Why Don't pH Strips Work in Purified Water?

FreshPure Waters' customer service team was often hit with a specific complaint: customers were testing pH of the water with the incorrect method, and feeling betrayed when they saw the result. The company requested a clarifying article to give concerned customers confidence in their excellent product.

FreshPure Waters Blog
Only the Best Water for Your Pets

Inspired by a longtime customer's moving story shared during a heartfelt "thank you" phone call, this blog article answers an FAQ while connecting with a specific demographic: the devoted pet owner.

Mindshare Labs, Inc. Homepage
Re-Brand + Re-Launch

When tech start-up Mindshare Labs changed hands in 2017, they requested a rewrite to capture the essence of their services and book more web and app development clients. Six years later, I'm happy to say, they are crushing it!