Heather Madore

Media Studies Graduate

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Media is all around us. Everything that we do and everywhere that we go is immersed in media-billboards, commercials, movies, TV, articles, books- the list goes on and on. Luckily, I love it. We can learn so much by studying it and studying how it effects us. My goal is to work with media. Writing is my passion. It comes naturally to me, and it's enjoyable. Through my classes and internships, I have done so many types of writing that sharpen my skills and flex my creativity in the most satisfying ways. I'm very comfortable working alone or with other people. I know how to communicate through not only writing, but speech as well, and I know how to do it effectively across many mediums.
In January 2015, I graduated from Quinnipiac University in Hamden, CT and am now searching for a job in the media field that allows me to write, blog, and be creative.

The State of Latin Media Culture and Stereotypes

The State of Latin Media Culture and Stereotypes In today’s media, it seems that there are stereotypes everywhere you turn. Sometimes we may not realize it right away, but this is only because we have become so conditioned to accept them, that they are no longer given a second thought. According to Ediberto Roman in “Who Exactly is Living La Vida Loca?: The Legal and Political Consequences of Latino-Latina Ethnic and Racial Stereotypes in Film and Other Media,” ....

Books and Copyright in the Digital Age

Books and Copyright in the Digital Age La mise en balance du droit d'auteur. The balance of copyright. As Peter B. Maggs writes, the very phrase suggests that there is some ambiguity in copyright law, and therefore it is up for different interpretations by the Courts (Maggs 369). Like with any legal issue, there are several opposing sides that must be weighed in each copyright case. According to Chapter 5 of the Copyright Act of 1976, the Courts can impound works that are found to be...

Harry, Ron and Stack-Cup

For any Harry Potter fan, this is a truly iconic moment. Harry Potter, the Boy Who Lived has just boarded the train to Hogwarts for the first time. By chance, Ron Weasley chooses to sit in the same train car as Harry, and the most legendary friendship of our time is born.

Media Studies
Tyler Oakley and YouTube: A Content Analysis Assignment

This was a content analysis pilot study of the YouTube video “The Drunk Backwards Word Challenge” by Sawyer Hartman and Tyler Oakley. Using a convenience sample of 30 Youtube comments, researchers aimed to find out what aspect of the videos are most talked about-the content itself that Youtubers work so hard to produce, or the appearance and other factors of the Youtuber’s daily life. This pilot study found that 60% of the comments looked at were in fact about the content of the video, 20%...

Tarzan the Stack-Cup Man?

Growing up with Apes is no easy task. They aren't as fluffy as they look - just ask Tarzan. Growing up, he always knew that he looked different from his family of apes. But he always felt like a part of them. Imagine his surprise when Jane and her band of explorers show up!!

Hamilton Beach Product Review

By far, one brand that I always come back to is Hamilton Beach. It's one of my go-to's for all my small kitchen appliances. Here are just some I currently own. A big food processor, slow cooker (and I just love the red), coffee maker, blender, waffle maker, indoor grill, and egg cooker.

Big Green Egg - Review

The Big Green Egg is one of the coolest appliances that I use.it isn't often that you see something so versatile. Not only is the Big Green Egg a grill, it is also an oven and a smoker- all wrapped up in one! I find this to be great for cooking outdoors.

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