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Hi! I am a freelance writer and content creator, artist, art gallery owner, and history lover.
I am obsessed with reading, and spend my free time playing board and video games.
I spend an incredible amount of time with my dog, Chunk, and am currently researching
old Victorian homes for my art project, This Haunted House art.
My art gallery, which features my art, as well as other artists and jewelers,
can be found at www.hallbergfineart.com.


Book Reviews

Heather's review of Flora & Fauna (The Monarch Papers, #1)

4/5: The Monarch Papers: Flora and Fauna is an incredibly interesting and captivating read. If you are not familiar with Ackerly Green Publishing and the immersive and interactive world of puzzles and clues they have created, this is an excellent introduction.


The 15 Minute Gamer: Midnight Scenes and The Librarian - onPause

In this second installment of The 15 Minute Gamer, I want to highlight a trend that isn't new, but is... well, trending. And for the best reasons. Pixel and 8-bit art have existed since we figured out how 1's and 0's could make anything at all.

The 15 Minute Gamer: Layers of Fear and Serena - onPause

While it's easy to spend hours (and hours, and hours) playing video games, you might not always have endless days to spare. Some game releases call for a sick day (I literally called out of work to play Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction #worthit), but if you're looking for something with bang for your proverbial buck that doesn't take months to finish, here's what you're looking for.

Nintendo's NES Classic Edition Is Back -- Again - onPause

If you were one of the lucky few who got their hands on a Nintendo NES Classic when it was (re)released in November, then this isn't for you (you bastard). This is for the rest of us, who barely knew it was coming out before it was already gone.

Nintendo's VERY Limited Edition Switch - onPause

If you're any kind of Nintendo Switch fan, you might already know that they've announced a limited edition of the console: and it looks like cardboard. Yes, that's right. If the red and blue controllers for the portable console were too bright for your taste, then you may be interested in this color - beige is the new black.

E3 2018: Ubisoft Conference - onPause

Ubisoft's E3 2018 conference today was awash with weirdness, starting with a "live" marching band. I put "live" in quotes because, as a marching band geek myself, I know there's no way a live performance ever could sound that polished. Also, the music continued after the band started to leave...

E3 2018: Square Enix Conference - onPause

If there's one thing I enjoy about E3, it's the awkward weirdness that inevitably comes from pre-scripted, live entertainment. So it's a little disappointing when companies like Square Enix only have pre-recorded dialog clips and trailers to show. That being said, the thirty-minute Square Enix E3 conference was a whirlwind of color, music, and a few surprises.

What You Need to Know About No Man's Sky's NEXT July Update - onPause

When No Man's Sky was released two years ago, many gamers were left wondering where several "promised" elements, namely the option for multiplayer, were. And anyone playing (anyone? Anyone?) is probably still wondering that. The biggest missing piece was multiplayer, as the trailers and marketing around the game implied it would be a natural part of the story.

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