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Michelle Petersen has worked in the health and science industry for over three decades, which includes positions in the field, employed in private, non-profit, and academic laboratories. Her medical and scientific posts include time at the NHS and Oxford University where she taught undergraduates the spectrum of biological sciences integrating physics for over four years.

Healthinnovations is a publication that has reported on, influenced, and researched current and future innovations in health for the past decade. The popularity of this website has resulted in Michelle Petersen currently being featured and indexed by numerous prestigious brands, sites, and publishers worldwide. She is also an advocate for child rights.

Currently, Michelle is a medical writer at Healthinnovations, an expert featured writer for Informa Connect Life Sciences, and a contributing writer for one of the world’s largest science reporting websites, ZME Science.

Michigan State University newsletter
Featured on the Michigan State University site.

The renowned Top 10 Healthinnovations series is featured on the Michigan State University site. Dr. Bryan Smith's (Associate Professor, MSU Biomedical Engineering) research on nanoparticle-based treatments to clear atherosclerotic plaques the top study of 2020.

ZME Science
Electroceuticals, the bioelectronic medicine of the future

Brain-computer interfaces (BCIs) integrate the brain with silicon-based hardware to treat a whole host of drug-resistant mental health conditions. These neural interfaces are also used to restore movement, sensory abilities, and communication in patients suffering from paralysis.

Staff Writer Lybotics

Lybotics is a non-profit organization building a STEM curriculum for children affected by the conflict in war-torn Libya. I report on the current socio-politico stratification within the country to help provide a record of a system currently undergoing great change.

Healthinnovations at the BBC.

Healthinnovations took part in the legendary BBC World Service panel on Danish Fat Tax in 2011, which is currently being rebroadcast.
Clinical Trials eBook - The Future of Technology - July 2020

Discover how AI, wearables and Big Data are revolutionising clinical trials in this Informa Connect eBook. By Michelle Petersen The novel coronavirus outbreak, named COVID19, has decimated the world and its markets, with the second wave of the pandemic expected imminently, and the virus already experiencing antigenic drift at an alarming rate.

The challenges with privacy and regulation in mobile health - and how to solve them

One of the largest problems relating to the privacy and regulation of mobile devices are those people marketing unapproved medical apps and wearables (low-risk devices) as medical devices. The language within the sphere of mHealth is quite clear, a medical device is any device or linked mobile app which claims to diagnose, treat, prevent or monitor disease and injury under the supervision of a physician.