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Technology News

Neural Machine Translation Improving Fast, Study Finds | Slator

A study published on August 16, 2016 claims that Neural Machine Translation (NMT) outperforms phrase-based MT (PBMT) and provides better translations in the "particularly hard" to translate English-German language pair. In the past, the researchers say, NMT was considered "too computationally costly and resource demanding" to compete with PBMT.

Korea's Internet Giant Naver Admits Translation Tech Rip-off | Slator

The CEO of Korea's largest Internet company Naver, Kim Sang-hun, was forced to issue a very public apology on July 8, 2016, after translation crowdsourcing platform Flitto accused the company of ripping off its technology. "We have decided to stop our translation services as of this month after receiving complaints that they appear to be a rip-off of Flitto," Kim told the Korean Herald.

How BLEU Measures Translation and Why It Matters | Slator

When Google CEO Sundar Pichai presented Google Translate's progress after going neural, he boasted that translation accuracy improved from 3.694 (phrase-based) to 4.263 (neural). Pichai was quoted as saying that "human quality is only a step away at 4.636." Measuring translation quality down to the third decimal place?

Greek Drama: Siemens Trial Hangs Pending Translation | Slator

On July 11, 2016, the Greek bribes-for-contracts trial involving German engineering conglomerate Siemens was postponed indefinitely pending the translation of a couple of bibles' worth of case-related material. According to a news report, "the court accepted the objections of the defendants who claimed that the charge sheet had not been translated into French and German, which renders it invalid."

Financial News

Sajan Parts Ways With COO as Third Quarter Earnings Up | Slator

Wisconsin-based Sajan, a publicly traded language service provider (LSP) with a market capitalization of around USD 18m, announced its financial results for the third quarter 2016 on November 3, 2016. The company, which due to its listed status is required to disclose detailed information every quarter, is to some extent, a helpful proxy for the many small- to medium-sized LSPs.

US Home-buying: Liberal Lobby Demands Banks Go Multilingual | Slator

A consumer watchdog urged the agency it once successfully lobbied the US Congress to create to help provide homeowners with mortgage and other documents in their preferred language. The Americans for Financial Reform (AFR), a (liberal) coalition of 200 special interest groups, has urged the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) to require financial institutions to provide homeowners with sufficient translation and interpretation services.

Recent Rulings Impact Language Services in US States | Slator

On September 23, 2016, Slator covered how the Los Angeles County Superior Court agreed to provide free language services to limited English proficiency litigants. It was the result of an administrative complaint filed by the Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles (LAFLA) on behalf of two Korean litigants, who failed to get access to court interpreters.

Press Releases

The Sourcing Pen
Casual PM - Uncomplicated Visual Project Management Tool

Managing a project, regardless of scope and scale, can already be a challenge on its own. Having to learn and then train others to use complicated tools, maneuver through complex software intricacies to optimize team performance, connect and collaborate - all while scrambling to beat the project's delivery deadline - is perhaps asking for too much from an ordinary project manager who simply wants to get the job done.

Content Marketing

The Sourcing Pen
10 Essential Points to Creating Content that Goes Viral

Viral content creation means breaking through scores of exhaustive online content so you become top-of-mind with your target audience. There is something about the power of the "pulse" or the "consciousness" of the masses, and it pays to create and distribute irresistibly shareable content.

Apps for Optimizing Your Writing Productivity

When your work involves tons of research, writing, fact-checking, cross-referencing, and collaboration, you can get stuck on information overload. What you don't want to happen is to end up wasting precious time sifting through multiple categories of data to piece together a coherent picture out of it all.

Cloudswave Blog
Free Business Software : The Ultimate List of the Top 100

Launching a startup can be a daunting endeavor. Keeping one in good running condition can be expensive, too. From project management to accounting, CRM, marketing, and more, allow this list to give you a rundown of the free business software that can help you manage your business while keeping yourself safe on the budgeting side of things.

Business & Management

Sales Meeting Agenda Success: 10 Key Steps

Like most modern websites, this site utilizes javascript. Please enable javascript in your browser in order to view properly. There's a reason why TED, the popular conference series, has an 18-minute rule. Most people can pay attention to one thing for about 10 to 18 minutes before tuning out.

Stop putting up with the micro-managers

"He gets too involved and becomes the bottleneck." Imagine reading this feedback from your boss and subordinates come employee review time. This is the exact review that "Steve" (not his real name), an executive featured in a Harvard Business Review micromanagement article by Muriel Maignan Wilkins, received from his own colleagues.

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