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As well as holding a BA (Hons) in English and Journalism from the University of Salford and a graduate certificate in book and magazine publishing from Columbia University, I have worked in publishing for over a decade. I earned my stripes in the editorial and production departments of D&M Publishers Inc., formerly Canada's largest independent book publisher, and have continuously provided freelance editorial services since that time.

I am experienced in editing and proofreading fiction and non-fiction books, business reports, marketing materials, magazine articles, and museum displays.

I have worked as a copywriter, content manager, and copy editor for an entertainment provider with materials published on global MSN sites.

I also project management, copy editing, and writing tasks for Perfect Daily Grind, a leading coffee publication with a global audience.

My international background means that I am particularly skilled at translating between different global Englishes and am adept at recognising the often-overlooked differences between specific markets. I have demonstrable experience of adapting British books to the US market and adapting materials produced in North America for a UK audience.

Perfect Daily Grind
Which Is The Best Non-Dairy Milk For Specialty Coffee?

There are many reasons to choose non-dairy milks and almost as many types to pick from. But which plant milk works best with specialty coffee? Can you make a vegan cappuccino that tastes good? It can be difficult to know whether to choose soy, almond, or oat milk.

Perfect Daily Grind
Sustainability in Coffee: What Are The Main Issues?

Sustainability has become a buzz word in recent years, but the long-term economic, environmental, and social health of the coffee industry are vital considerations. Reduced biodiversity and farmers living in poverty are just some of the issues involved. Can the industry support fair wages, as well as being environmentally responsible?

Perfect Daily Grind
Russia's Specialty Coffee Scene in Moscow & St. Petersburg

If you think of Russia and drinks, coffee may not be the first one to come to mind. But in addition to the country's longstanding relationships with tea and vodka, there is a growing Russian specialty coffee scene. Independent roasters, third wave caf├ęs, and specialty coffee events are all gaining presence here.

Perfect Daily Grind
Rethinking The C-Price: Should We Change How We Price Coffee?

Coffee is sold at a price that has nothing to do with farmers' living expenses. When the C-Price fell to a 12-year low in August, it prompted heated discussion about how coffee pricing works and its impact on producers. Is it reasonable that coffee is used as a financial investment at the expense of producers?

Ant and Dec's rise to fame and fall from grace

Anthony McPartlin has recently been making headlines for the wrong reasons, with both a tumultuous divorce and an arrest on suspicion of drunk driving after a car crash in London.

Talk Science To Me
Freelance Copy Editing and Proofreading

Hazel Boydell is an experienced editor, copywriter and marketer. She writes marketing blurbs and educational content, and edits a variety of texts for Talk Science to Me and its imprint, Thorntree Press.

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