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I am a writer, editor and content creator with the vision to craft your story and the drive to make it happen.

Writing and creating are my way of connecting with the world, and being able to help in bringing a story or concept to life through the written word is what fuels me.

I create content for online and print, including editorial features, blog posts, press releases, and scripts, as well as video production. My areas of expertise include outdoors, health and wellness, fitness, sustainability, and travel.

I have worked with major publications, fashion and lifestyle brands, startups, trend forecasting agencies, design firms, and private clients.

Combined with my knowledge of best SEO practices and Google Analytics, I am able to deliver your unique story to the world.

I can't wait to work with you.

Desert Camping: Gear & Tips to Beat the Heat | GearJunkie

If you're a camping enthusiast, no doubt you've run across plenty of tips on how to survive in the cold. But do you know how to handle extreme heat? Compared to stories of adventures along frozen lakes or blustery mountaintops, you'll find far fewer stories regarding how to survive - let alone, thrive - camping in extreme heat.

Men's Journal
New E-Bike Gear for Backcountry Biking Adventures | Men's Journal

This summer, biking has seen a U.S. resurgence like no other. The day-to-day impact of the novel coronavirus pandemic has created increased demands for two-wheeled transportation, entertainment, and solace. The New York Times reports that in March alone, national bike sales doubled. That was just the beginning.

Men's Journal
Dispatches: Exploring the Hidden Mexican Gem of Espiritu Santo

Espíritu Santo is no ordinary island. Off the southeastern coast of Baja, Mexico, the island is just 6 miles away from the town of La Paz, but once you get to the sheltered northwestern side of its shores, you feel hundreds of miles away from civilization.

Private Client
Sustainable Packaging | What’s the Future of Packaging in the Food Industry?

Sustainability, in both the packaging space as well as the food space, is a top priority for brands in 2020 and moving forward. This private client places a heavy emphasis on both their product and packaging being sustainable, and wanted to bring light to a subject that has a seemingly overwhelming amount of information. I took a narrow approach to sustainability and focused on food packaging, exploring the future of the sustainable movement.

Men's Journal
Do Women's Groups Make It Easier to Achieve Inclusivity Across the Board?

The anticipation of trying something new can sometimes be more powerful than the action itself. As a self-aware species, we build up massive mental structures in our minds when it comes to attempting a new activity, talking to a stranger, or anything that has to do with stepping off the proverbial cliff and into the unknown.

Men's Journal
The Road to Dew Tour: Taking the Road Less Traveled

Road trips are a unifying concept and a unique pursuit: Each and every one has its own story to tell. Just as each back road winds a different way, so too does the road trip journey on - through the personal fabric of our lives, weaving and winding, and also through the fabric of our collective conscious.

Private Client
What is Regenerative Agriculture, and How Does it Affect Climate Change?

For this post for a private client's blog, I dove into the topic of regenerative agriculture, and how it relates to plant proteins as well as the health of our planet. The client asked that I incorporate research regarding agriculture practices and alternatives for the future.

Men's Journal
4 Healthy Alternatives to Your Afternoon Coffee Addiction

Anyone who works in an office (or at all, really) knows that dreaded 3 p.m. afternoon slump. When the late afternoon stupor hits, it's easy to fill up another cup of coffee... but is that the best way to go?

Men's Journal
How to Follow the 'Leave No Trace' Principles the Next Time You Go Camping

The seven "Leave No Trace" (LNT) principles were formed by the Leave No Trace organization as a set of guidelines meant to educate campers and protect the environment. One of the tenets of outdoor recreation-camping, specifically-is the idea of enjoying the natural world while minimizing impact as much as possible.

Men's Journal
Here's Why Mental Stamina Is Crucial to Physical Success

Many of us know the importance physical activity-better sleep, weight loss, longevity, elevated mood-these are the only the beginnings of a long and diverse list. For all that action junkies know about the benefits that being active can bring, however, how many of us practice the other half of the equation?...