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What Jo Kwon's Drag Performances Reveal About Himself and Korean Culture

Jo Kwon, from the band 2AM, has been making tidal waves in Korea recently, thanks to his very fierce, but very frowned upon, cross dressing performances on the new variety show Golden Tambourine. Like several pop icons before him, Jo Kwon frequently blurs the lines between fashion and gender with his performances.

This Is What Disappointment Feels Like

It's been 10 years since 2006. Barack Obama has been elected twice as President. Ugly Betty started and finished. Smartphones and social media have changed our lives indefinitely. It also marks 10 years since Gwen Stefani released a solo album. Expectations obviously have been high for the innovator's third solo album, This Is What the...

14 Items More Expensive Than Britney Jean

Browsing Amazon yesterday, I was alerted to the fact that they were selling the Bible of pop music, Britney Jean, for the bargain price of £1.47. £1.47. Of course, I snapped it up instantly. Unable to contain my excitement of this sheer daylight robbery, I investigated to find out what products are more expensive than...

Reframing the Victorians
A Look at Victorian Popular Music

When we think of Victorian society, 'prudish' is probably one of the first descriptions that springs to mind. However, the popular music at the time suggests that the Victorians may not have been as prudish as we tend to think of them as.

Engaging with graphic narratives
Journalism - Joe Sacco

For me, Journalism is one of those books that has the power to change the minds of anti graphic narrative people. Its content is so powerful and takes on really serious and important topics. What Sacco shows is that the graphic narrative format can be used to do anything.

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