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I am a writer with experience in the marketing, technology, and entertainment fields. Writing is both my passion and profession. When I'm not working on paid articles or blogs, I am writing film critique essays or short stories for fun.

One of my best talents as a writer is the ability to digest complex topics and restate them in an easy-to-read conversational tone. I have experience immersing myself in foreign industries and teaching myself to become an authority on the subject.

I have experience with a wide array of writing disciplines including blogs, editorials, how-tos, scripts, white papers, and more. While my strength is writing in a conversational tone, I am more than comfortable writing in different styles that are dictated by a client's needs.

If you're looking for a writer, I guarantee I can help you out in some capacity. Let's work together!

Software Engineering Daily
The State of Autonomous Driving

Self-driving cars, sometimes referred to as autonomous vehicles, seem like an inevitability. Companies like Tesla, Waymo, Uber, and even old mainstays like Ford and GM all have various prototypes in the field or are currently working on technologies related to the self-driving car.

Software Engineering Daily
Cloud Cost Optimization

This post is sponsored by DoiT International. Utilizing the cloud in your business or application is a requirement in today's tech environment. AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platforms provide numerous services that vary in many ways. One thing is constant across all the different applications: cloud costs are a headache to predict and control.

City Floor Supply Blog
The Case of the "Self Healing" Oil-Based Polyurethane Finish - City Floor Supply Blog

There's a recent phenomenon that is perplexing hardwood floor installers throughout the industry. An adhesion problem presents itself when screening and recoating old oil-based polyurethane finishes. Some have dubbed this phenomenon of adhesion failure "Self Healing." City Floor Supply's Mike Glavin recently witnessed this problem first hand.

City Floor Supply Blog
How to Remove Salt Stains from a Hardwood Floor | City Floor Supply

If you live in an area where it snows a lot during the winter, one problem you might run into is road or rock salt stains on your hardwood floor. Salt stains are unsightly and can leave a residue, but that's not the only problem. Calcium chloride crystals can really damage a hardwood floor finish.

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