Harriet Gribbin


Location icon United Kingdom

A budding journalist, one of thousands. If I knuckle down now and build up my portfolio, hopefully I'll have one good enough to show the top publications after I finish my degree.

Beware the Scams! - Women Make Waves

01/09/2014 4 "If you want a puppy, you have to source it yourself and contact the seller" my dad told me. He probably regrets saying that now, but that's what happens when you let a 17 year old girl loose

I spent how much?! - Women Make Waves

01/09/2014 10 When I finished my three weeks of paid work experience, my world smelled of sweet, sweet paper tens and twenties.

Esteem: How to Raise it - Women Make Waves

An eating disorder I developed three years ago left me with cripplingly low self confidence. I avoided new clothes like they were the devil incarnate, never went outside during the whole of last summer (yes, really) and couldn't allow myself to get close to a boy.